My Latest Obsession: Killer Salsa

My obsessions in the culinary realm come and go like waves in the ocean. One week I’ll crave all things naughty and cappuccino-inspired, and the next week I’ll eat nothing but lentils. Even though I tend to go a bit overboard with particular ingredients each time a new craving captures my fancy (GARLIC!!!), I figure as long as I’m not pregnant or eating Borax, I’m good to go. After all, I’m still *technically* consuming in moderation, even though ‘moderation’ in this sense means eating something until I’m literally sick of it and then ignoring that something for the rest of the month (or the rest of the year– it depends).

Anywho, we had a Mexican-themed potluck a while ago at work, and one of my favourite coworkers brought in an abundant supply of homemade salsa. Now, I’m not normally one to eat uncooked tomatoes unless there are no discernible ‘tomato’ parts (it’s a texture thing), but I have to say, I have been eating NOTHING BUT that salsa (which is filled with uncooked tomatoes!) for a good week or so. I love it!! (I blame it on the corn, my latest guilty pleasure ingredient.)

(An aside: is it just my family, or is everybody mildly amused by and/or disdainful of corn? I think we must have watched too many comedians joking crudely about corn to take it seriously as an ingredient in my household… We still cooked it occasionally but never really utilized it to its full potential, methinks. And now that I’m obsessed with corn, I’m realizing just how secretive I am about it when talking to my family members. It’s like I feel guilty having to confess my love of corn! Am I the only one who classifies my appreciation for corn as a guilty pleasure?… Yes?… Nevermind, then.)

You might have surmised by now that yes, this salsa has corn in it! And black beans! And lime juice and all things delicious! Use it as a chunky salsa dip or (if you become obsessed with it like I did), eat it straight out of the bowl, uncooked tomatoes and all! (This salsa is definitely more bruschetta- textured than it is saucy, just so you know.)

B.’s Killer Salsa

You Will Need:

– 3 large or 4 medium tomatoes, diced (save juice)

– 1/2 to 1 medium red onion, diced finely

– 1 can of kernal corn (YUM!!), drained and rinsed

– 1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed

– 6 tbsp lime juice (or to taste)

– fresh jalapeƱo pepper to taste, chopped finely

– 2 tbsp chopped fresh cilantro (or parsley- whatever suits your taste)

– salt and pepper to taste

– (optional) One small package of dry vegetable soup mix (one that has little bits of onions and peppers in it)


– Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Chill overnight and stir well before serving with chips, wraps, or enchiladas/tacos/burritos.

– Possibly become obsessed with it as I did and eat nothing but salsa for weeks on end.

– Makes a medium to large-sized mixing bowl’s worth of salsa.