Chlorella: Superfood, My Ass!

Because inquiring minds need to know:

You might recall that after my most recent bout of stomach sickness, I decided that our hemp protein powder was either slightly rancid or Evil Incarnate, or both. However, because I was doubled over in sickness and sweats while Marty experienced nary a stomach cramp or gurgle, I was left to conclude that I– and I alone– must be deathly allergic to one of the ingredients in the powder.

The ingredient list is not very extensive or complicated for our particular brand of protein powder, but I was unwilling to try each ingredient on its own so I could single out what was causing my violent reactions. (Do I look like an idiot to you?) No- It was enough for me to swear off the protein powder altogether and to hope that whatever I was really allergic to wasn’t one of the more common ingredients, like hemp, flax seed, or (god forbid) chocolate flavouring!!

Unfortunately (but fortunately for me), one of our friends recently discovered the hard way that he, too, might be deathly allergic to a common ingredient in some protein powders. He sent us a foreboding e-mail the other day, describing in intimate detail how he had experienced crippling nausea and explosive episodes of throwing up after he had consumed a simple shake. His e-mail pretty much summed up my exact symptoms (spookily so), but he was able to take it a step further and to single out the ingredient that was likely causing his discomfort.


He wasn’t drinking the same brand of protein powder that we have– in fact, he simply made a fruit shake with a chlorella extract in it after a workout one day. (Our brand has chlorella in it too, though.) Apparently, after he had vomited his guts out, he did some research and discovered that an allergy to chlorella is more common than one might think. And even though a part of me knows I might not be able to draw conclusions about myself based on somebody else’s experiences, you know what? I’m perfectly alright making the assumption that I’m allergic to algae based on how closely his experience matched mine. End of story!

(Luckily for me, it’s not too hard to avoid eating algae… I might be a bit crunchy and granola for some people, but algae is not a regular player in my diet. I promise.)

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  1. Interesting post. I’m a great advocate of chlorella, and make no secret of that – so I’m keen to get to the bottom of this reaction that you and your friend attribute to chlorella. I am aware of chlorella products on the market that are inferior to others – and a few years ago in Japan this was highlighted by a spate of complaints relating to a Chinese brand that caused symptoms similar to those you describe. If strict hygiene and quality control procedures aren’t adhered to at each step of the manufacture, storage and handling of any food product problems can arise. Personally I avoid Chinese food products.

    So based on my initial hunch would you kindly confirm the name of the brands of protein powder you and your friend were using. I’d like to check out their chlorella source.

    Many thanks!

    Incidently – regarding quality chlorella sources – the Japanese have among the highest quality standards in the world, so you can’t go far wrong there. But like anything there are various grades and qualities.

    • Hi Christopher, and thanks for the comment and the concern. Both my friend and I consumed ChlorEssence, a Japanese-sourced form of chlorella. My smoothie had ChlorEssence combined with Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer, and his was just plain ChlorEssence.

      Many of my friends are vegetarian and vegan athletes, and the great majority of them supplement with chlorella and have no ill side-effects. However, my system refuses to digest chlorella and I’m OK with that. I’d much rather be allergic to micro-algae than I would be allergic to something more common in my diet. πŸ™‚

      • I became very sick vomiting, very hot and chills after drinking ChlorEssence from Japan, about 4 months ago. I kept the container it in the frig, and thought ($40.00 for 150 gm of powder) that I would try it another time, it is too expensive to just throw out–perhaps a reaction to something else. But today after drinking plain water with 1/2 teaspoon of CholEssence I vomited for hours again.

        • Hi I took Lifestream chlorella, liked it, but felt a little nauseous not knowing why. Then after 2 weeks I was violently sick which caused red marks under my eyes (never had that before). I stopped taking chlorella then tried it once 2 weeks later and the same reaction immediately. I will never take it again. Also I am waiting for the nausea to wear off. Thanks for your posts, it is comforting to find that others have had the same reaction.

    • Christopher I have had identical experience with spirulina! I desperately want to be able to utilize this super food, but both times (2nd time I was unaware the product I was drinking had it in it) I ended up in the bathroom within an hour violently vomiting. Now I am not one to exaggerate, so when I say “violently” I mean I was seeing stars and pulled a muscle in my neck! I know your post is a few years old at this point, but I’m hoping you might see this and let me know if you have found any other info.

      • Girl, I don’t mean to laugh-it’s horrible what happened to you and I can sympathize because I am having some bad stomach issues after taking the chlorella myself…but your post “seeing stars and pulled a muscle in my neck” – the way you described it just made me chuckle. What is so strange is that I have taken boat loads of Chlorella before and stoped for a while. Now, however, every time I take it I get nauseious and feel like I am going to croak! I think I am going to just stick to eating fresh, organically grown veggies for my “greens” and stay away from Chlorella. Have a great day!

        • Hey, I know this is a very late reply to your post but I Amin the same position as you. I used to take both chlorella and spirulina no problem and I stopped for months, but 3 nights ago I took a couple of chlorella tablets and a spoon of spirulina powder, and I was violently sick for the night and had bad diorreha ( excuse spelling) the entire following day.
          The spirulina tasted funny so I put it down to that, but get this, tonight I had just ONE chlorella tablet and an hour later I am up vomiting again.
          Something very strange here? Just wondering if you found out what caused it?

          • My girlfriend just came off rainforest foods organic chlorella and spirulina mix pills…after using it for 2 months because she was breaking out in hives…so she stopped taking the pills and the following day the hives were terrible, and she had a splitting headache and was vomiting all day!
            The hives are starting to go down now, but she was obviously detoxing from the tablets…from what I read chlorella especially has a large amount of sulphur content, and if you already have lots of Sulphur in your diet (a lot of foods are surprisingly high in sulphur) then this could well cause the body to react badly.
            Equally chlorella rendistributes Mercury all around your body to try and break it up and remove it, but apparently it does it quite poorly and can lead to Mercury poisoning but these are extreme cases!
            Equally…they are also known for their detoxifying qualities, so it could be you detoxing…either way if something gives you that reaction (either yours or my girlfriends) then I would say it’s not worth it at all.
            A lot of these superfoods are marketed to us as healthy…I mean look at the Chinese they take rhino horn to get a bigger erection, and it’s not their fault, they are completely conned into it, as we all are into most things.
            Eat healthy, home cooked, unprocessed food (easier said than done ;)) and that’s all we need to do πŸ˜‰

  2. I am also Crazy Allergic to Chlorella!!!

    I took very high quality Hawaiian chlorella and instantly had my esophagus almost fill up with thick saliva. I had serious problem breathing!!

    If I wasn’t young and healthy I could have really had a major problem!!!

    I also felt like crap on it and I had already done a previous cleansing — so it was not a detox.

    People need to stop promoting it like if there is NO ONE out there that is allergic. I think a good 15% of people are allergic to it~

    And why shouldn’t they be — its an algae that hardly any human eats naturally so we have not gotten used it at all!!

    Chlorella is my one and only allergy. I am strong and healthy and give me a little of that stuff and I get all F’d up…

    Hope this helps somebody else.


    • If your throat was swelling up and you couldn’t breath, that’s a VERY serious allergic reaction.
      Read: Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death.[1][2] It typically causes a number of symptoms including an itchy rash, throat swelling, and low blood pressure. Common causes include insect bites and stings, foods, and medications.

      I had an allergic reaction to putting 100% Vit E on my face a few yrs ago, so I know. I didn’t take it seriously until the 3rd day, when my face swelling only kept getting worse and I couldn’t open up my eyes. I didn’t take it seriously enough only because it was Vit. E, something I thought wouldn’t do that AND that I couldn’t afford to go to my MD. Nursing myself w/ constant ice packs = only partially helpful.

  3. Hi there everyone, can you assist please.

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  4. well now that a whole host of us have had some type of reaction to chlorella ,what next for supplementing whole green nurishment? I pretty much had the same symptoms as omar related to.

  5. Zona, Though your Chlorella post was originally April 2009 I was fascinated to read that you and those responding had the same allergic reaction I had with Chlorella.
    I was new to Chlorella a few weeks ago and very excited to reap the benefits and keep my immune system super strong.
    After a couple of days of gradually adding Chlorella to my diet I was struck down out-of-the-blue with that crippling nausea, incredible cramps and intense intestinal distress. I rarely get sick and now for about 36 hours I was completely bedridden aside from my many trips to the bathroom. I thought possibly I had gotten a flu bug or maybe I hadn’t added the Chlorella gradually enough and had some sort of a detox reaction????
    2-3 weeks later which brought us to yesterday afternoon, I decided to try the Chlorella again still hungry for those great proposed benefits!!! So I take 4 tiny tabs where 25 tabs equal 5mg which is said to be a daily dosage. Within a couple of hours the nausea begins and escalates again to that crippling crescendo. Thank God I wasn’t out on a date when it hit!! No remedies would knock it out or even down. There is NO Doubt that I have an allergy to Chlorella. My one and only allergy in this life! Never again will I consume it!!!!
    I will definitely be on the lookout to ensure I do not consume any products with this additive.
    Thanks so much for your post and those who added to it!!!

  6. I too found out the hard way that I am allergic to Chlorella, my chiropractor suggested it to help detox my breast milk and with in a few hours I had horrific vomiting and diarrhea at the same time for 5 hours straight…I was at the point of vomiting bile and pregnant mind you, I thought I had food poisoning but a few months later (post pregnancy) I consumed a green to go that you put into water and with in a few hours I was sick out of both ends for 5 hours straight! My current chiropractor did a nerve test and said I don’t have an allergy…but I still don’t want to tempt fate and go through that sickness again….this is also my one and only allergy, I am a healthy person!

    • Hi, I know your chlorella post is slightly old and I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I got unbelievably sick from chlorella (while pregnant) and nearly died. I made a website about my experience to let people know how careful they should be with this stuff. If there is any chance you can reference my website – I am trying to get enough people together that got sick from Yaeyama Chlorella to get Source Naturals (that’s the maker of the stuff I took) switch to a better warning label. Of course they claim that I am only the second case they’ve ever heard of, and I want to use my site to get all those random chlorella sickness stories in one place to warn potential users. Do you mind telling me who was the maker of your chlorella? Did you ever contact them about how sick you got? it would be so kind of you to reply, either here or on my website I appologize if I am stirring up some horrible memories – I know from first had experience how horribly sick this stuff can make you.

      Biggest thanks in advance,


  7. I believe there is something with quality control. I originally purchased the Sun Brand Chlorella from Vitamin shop and had no side effects. However I ran out and decided to try their brand. Once it got in my system, I ( like others on other boards) have experienced several days of Asthma like symptoms. It is horrible. Unfortunately it took me several days to put 2 and 2 together and eliminate the Vitamin Shoppe brand Chlorella from my diet and am starting to get back to normal. No pressure in my chest, my intestines feel back to normal. Glad to hear that I am not the only one experiencing problems.

  8. well, I do have lyme and therefore tried chinese chlorella as a detox since i ran out of burbur wich i handle pretty good.
    after taking four tabs of it I started to feel weird….as if I was going to have s seisure…i also noticed a strange feeling and burning sensations in my head…i will NOT take it again!!!!!

  9. I thought that quality control was possibly the problem the first time I took chlorella and had an intense bout of vomiting, so ordered Yayama Cholerella from Japan, distributed by Jarrow. It sounded so superior that I didn’t consider I’d have a problem. Within a 1/2 hr. I was vomiting violently and then an hour later included spasms in the colon that left me so weak I couldn’t get up off the bathroom floor. I think my face has never been whiter ! I am not allergic to any other green foods so am baffled by this reaction.

      • I just yesterday took this brand and was vomiting and diarrhea for 5 hours straight went to hospital and went in IV. Today my back hurts as though from kidney issue and very congestedand just drained. I took same brand months before but had taken much less and had bad diarrhea then. I’m throwing it out and never ever will I take again.

        • Hi,

          I’m in my mid-50s,I have always been in good shape and eaten well (balanced with ~25% organic food). I am still in decent shape but not really healthy ; I never made that distinction in the past, but my last 2 years have been an ordeal.


          I have had some major issues with my digestive system for over 2 years i.e. burning intestines, diarrhea, eating vegetables and fruits making it worse. Then starting to affect my mood, anxiety, sleep and now my back pains along the spinal cord. My doctor did not find anything. Then I went for a naturopath. She suspected mercury poisoning and a test with a sample of my hair confirmed it. I followed her advice for six months spending K$ with supplements and extreme diets. Though all this helped, I felt I wasn’t going anywhere ; I don’t want to be demeaning to my naturopath, I think she is excellent . In any case then I went to the dentist and had all my amalgams taken out 2 1/2 months ago. With lots of probiotics I have been able to improve the situation quite well though still some issues.

          Now Chlorella (First time)

          Chlorella is known as a very good heavy metal binder to helps detox. When I was with my naturopath, she did not prescribed Chlorella but I had read about it. When I gave up on her, I went on my own and tried Chlorella in powder (5 ml), 3 hours later I started to be very nauseous and shortly after within half an hour I emptied myself both ends to the point that I almost fainted, was trembling, cold sweats, dizzy, name it ; I had not vomited for the last 40 years or so. I thought about going to the hospital but was afraid of driving in that state (for myself and others on the road). – I was not 100% sure it was Chlorella, it was the time of the year for stomach flu. – It took me almost a week to recover, my tummy and my back ached, and my intestines we “in flame”. It was the first time I had tried Chlorella and that made me decide to call the dentist because I thought it was a sign that I had lots of mercury in my system (though not having eaten fish for almost a year).

          Second time

          So I waited a 1 1/2 months after I had my amalgam taken out and my gut situation relatively improved. I decided to try Chlorella again with (2ml), 3 hours later, nauseous and severe diarrhea, no vomiting . Took me a little less time to recover.

          Third and last (today)

          So I decided to wait another month with my gut situation improved further (reintroduced veggies, a little bit of fruits, whole grains, etc.) The reason why I persevere with Chlorella is that I suspect my back problems to be caused by mercury poisoning, which gets stored in my nervous system, my spinal cord being an ideal place apparently. So at lunch time today I decided to try 1 ml… 3 hours later, nauseous and severe diarrhea (quite empty)… still nauseous. Hopefully it won’t take much time to recover.
          I starting to wonder if it is the brand that contaminated (I bought a good quality expensive, supposed to be organic and non contaminated of course) . If not the brand, I am trying to get an explanation why I have such a severe reaction to Chlorella. It is like poison to be, it must reveal something about the health issues I have had in the last 2 years. I will definitely bring it up to my doctor.

          Reading your comment and some others, I see I am not the only one having problems with Chlorella.

          • Omg my second time to try it and I’m so so very sick. I wasn’t sure the first time I tried it. Today I’m sick violently. This is the worst Iv ever felt. Definitely throwing this in the bin.

  10. I broke out in hives after taking Chlorella straight for 2 weeks. The hives lasted about a month. It was so awful. Folks if you want to know if you might have a reaction to it do a skin prick test. Crush the pill and mix it with some water in a small bowl or cup, then take a sterile needle and pick up some of the chlorella mixture and prick (scratch) your skin with the needle. Make sure you leave some product on your skin. Watch it closely to see if a hive develops. I had a hunch this was causing my allergies. Once the hives and itch went away, I did this and the area developed a hive. If this happens to you, then get rid of the stuff it will cause you much more harm than good.

    • Hi Jenny!
      Similar experience. I feel like the rash should be going away faster and I am frustrated that it is not. I did the scratch test and had a major reaction. I really hope my hives don’t last a whole month!! Please send more info I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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  12. Hi I was taking a combination of chlorella, spiralina and wheat grass for approx ten weeks. I started to get severe stomach cramps, bloating only five days ago and I stopped taking the stuff. I have put this down to the chlorella after reading some of the side effects. I haven’t been able to eat anything solid since the cramps started and feel ill with alot of digestinal wind, can someone please tell me how long does this last for and what can I do to try and relieve symptoms?

  13. Hi everyone– thanks very much for your comments and discussion! It sounds like I’m not the only person who experiences severe reactions to chlorella…

    I have spoken with a few doctors and nutritionist friends about my suspected chlorella allergy. The consensus seems to be this:

    1. Chlorella has extremely cleansing and detoxifying properties, which can “shock” the body into very unpleasant reactions (that seem to be allergies but might not be). Some people are able to gradually introduce chlorella into their diets once they have worked hard in other ways to clean up their eating and generally detoxified their bodies.

    2. That said, some people are actually allergic to chlorella and should just avoid ingesting it. This is not a particularly difficult substance to avoid, since it is not a common ingredient in most foods.

    3. Not being able to take chlorella supplements is just fine– people who eat a variety of land-based leafy greens in their diets can get just as many vitamins and minerals as those who can tolerate sea vegetables.

    4. Any negative reactions to chlorella or other supplements should always be discussed with a doctor, because there may be larger issues at play.

    5. There are WAY worse foods to be allergic to than algae! I consider myself fortunate that I can’t tolerate algae but am able to eat things like nuts, corn and other common allergens. πŸ™‚

    I hope this helps! I don’t envy anybody who experiences anything similar to my vomit-thon after taking chlorella, but hopefully any negative side effects will dissipate soon after taking chlorella out of the diet again. Cheers!

    • Hi. Very interesting comments, especially point No. 1. I tried it about 3 years ago and after a few days, started vomited for three weeks. The first three days or so, I was being sick every half hour right round the clock. The next few days I only vomited when I tried to eat. It took almost three weeks before I could keep anything at all down. At the end of 3 weeks, I found that the only thing I could eat without being sick was a very small piece of apple. Then a pharmasist suggested trying a carton of ‘invalid’ food, which I tried and from then on, I started to recover. About 2 months later, not knowing for certain what caused all of this, I tried one pill of chrolella again, and I was sick about a half hour later. I suppose my body recognised what it was straight away and made me bring it up before it got right into my system!

  14. Hi everyone,
    I started using naturya chlorella powder from a pouch, sold as organic from a health shop. I made a daily shake by mixing a teaspoon of powder with fruit, soya yoghurt, lecithin and rice milk. First week no problems then on monday about 2 to 3 hours after drinking I had stomach cramps extreme bloating and felt nausious. Eventually after vomiting a few times i felt better but very weak. For the next two days I ate light meals but didnt make my shake. Today I decided to make my shake again and within an hour or so I had the most severe bloating, cramps, extreme vomiting and diarreha all at the same time which lasted over a good hour. I have never felt this ill in my life, I thought I was dying, I felt so weak and had to call my sister to ring me every half hour incase I passed out and nobody would know. I have slept for 2 hours and still feel very weak. I had a feeling that it was either to do with rice milk or the chlorella and still not sure. Obviously I wont be touching either for a while but eventually I will try a very small dose of both on seperate occassions to see if I can uncover the cause. But have been enlightened by the fact that others have had these symptoms too so maybe it is the chlorella. I know I never ever want to feel like that again. I still have to find the strengh to go and clean up now.

  15. Thank God for the internet and people sharing experiences! Thanks for putting up this page. I’ve been getting this vomiting reaction as well, even though all was fine the first 2-3 times I took the chlorella powder (by Xynergy in the UK).

    I took some today – having merely suspected a connection between chlorella ingestion and vomiting/intestinal distress last time – and I felt sick to my stomach, which tightened up something awful. Fortunately, I managed to keep a lid on the upchucking. Later, though, the diarrhoea I experienced reminded me of the time I had to prepare for a colonoscopy (the examination from down south), when I had to take a purgative that made me pee from my butt, effectively. It was frightening.

    I realise now that even so much as a whiff of the stuff – actually just thinking about it – makes me nauseous!

    I too think quality control is not the issue, though is it possible that once opened, the product – in my case, a very very fine powder – quickly becomes denatured/ contaminated with ambient air/humidity? Is it possible the chlorella is chelating the air around it? (Sounds very stupid, I know.)

    Possibly, this power food is just too powerful for human consumption. Leave it to those for whom it was created, the creatures of the sea!

    All the best to you all. πŸ™‚

  16. I took Clorella powder for the first time yesterday. I have no problem with spirulina or wheatgrass or any other supergreens but within an hour of taking a teaspoon of powder( possibly too much…) my whole body was covered in a red itchy rash. I have never had an allergic reaction in my life and I don’t have sensitive skin but this was horrendously itchy and burning sensation which was only fixed by taking an anti hystamine tablet of my husband’s. Although it has calmed down I still have symptoms on my ears! Possibly I took too much first time so I will try again in a week or so and see if I can introduce it gradually. Keep you posted…

  17. I think I am allergic to chlorella. I tried the sunfood brand (David Wolfe), which is said to be really pure and high quality. I tried it a few years ago and vomited a ton and yesterday I tried it again and the same thing happened. I used to eat tons of chlorella by the brand Earthrise and had no problems. I have never had any problems with Spirulina either. I don’t get it and I’m not happy with it! I just ate another, small dose of chlorella to see if I will have the same symptoms. I’ve been a raw foodist for 10 years and detox usually just makes me nauseous or gives me a headache. I am not someone to vomit easily. I might get nauseous at times after a double shot of fresh wheat grass juice on an empty stomach, but that does not make me vomit. I wish I knew what was up!

  18. I had to scroll down and comment after reading one of the comments. Yes, there most likely is people allergic to Chlorella, I agree with that. However, the statement that “hardly any human eats it” is very false. Chlorella is widely used and common in Japan. Look into it.

  19. I have just experienced vomiting and diarrhoea after consuming chlorella in a smoothie, I have had it before a few times with no such side effect. I was pleased to find this site to shed some light on why I was so sick…I had an inkling it was it as the smell makes me nauseous. I will be definantly be doing my research to try get to the bottom of this! not happy – still recovering.

  20. Like most people here I took Chlorella twice before seeing sense. I’m a pro at vomitting anyway as I have a Hiatus Hernia. I got some ‘Natural Chinese Chlorella’ from a Holland & Barratt – who’s tagline is ‘Were good for you’.
    After I hugged the toilet first for a few hours being sick at both ends and sweating like you wouldn’t believe. I got not One, but Two ambulance rides to A&E over the course of a week! A drip and anti-sickness soon sorted me out The wrenching brought up blood and I thought I was a gonner!
    So, after the second time ive all but narrowed it down to these little green tablets. I’m not sure which of the ingredients I was allergic to- but after reading this I think it’s safe to assume ill be avoiding cholrella from now on!
    Foolishily I thought this stuff was just the same as Chlorophyll (maybe it is?) and I had assumed it was just grounded green vegatables and other magical stuff – having read here (and on the label) that is is a microalgae it makes me think of some sweaty pond full of green-goo created by bird poop! I think there is a reason Im alergic to algae πŸ™‚
    On a serious note – if I wasn’t yound and healthy already this stuff could have seen me off – that is the only reason i’m sharing my experience with you as it no laughing matter. Get this s*&* off the shelves!

    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by. Chlorella is not the same as chlorophyll– chlorophyll is the pigment that is found in green plants (very high in antioxidants), and chlorella just happens to contain a ton of chlorophyll.

  21. This is what God says about Chlorella. Listen to Him and you will live well.

    Leviticus 11:9-10
    These shall ye eat of all that are in the waters: whatsoever hath fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, them shall ye eat.
    And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you:

    In simple words God is saying stay away from Chlorella.

      • Now I’m a firm believer that natural food sources are very vital in the health of our bodies. It can cure, cleanse and give us everything we need to live long healthy lives. However, I believe as well that not everybody can tolerate certain types of these *superfoods* for whatever reason. I was taking Synergy Natural organic Chlorella powder. I was taking it for a month or so, with no problems. I exercise, try to eat well, and because I had no reaction, kept taking it. As usual I took it with lunch. About 2-3 hours later started feeling nauseous, then, projectile vomit. No control for 2 hours straight, every 4-5 minutes I was vomiting. I vomited all my stomach contents, to the point where I had blood shot eyes and bruised pores around my eyes from my body trying so hard to expel it. Being so expensive and probably quite daft, I decided to try it once again, 2 weeks later. Took it as usual, same thing happened at both ends! What I can’t understand is why after a month or so, my body started to reject it? People before you start taking it, know the risks!!!!!!

    • Hi Ruach, I follow the clean directives in my diet, but never thought about certain “green” superfoods. So is blue Green Alge and Spiriluna also unclean?

  22. People who consume ANYTHING grown in open ponds in Japan, or that special trade region lake in China, might consider part of their violent reaction to brands that they used to consume as radiation contaminated. Anyone own an Inspector Alert (handheld) and can check for alpha, beta, gamma readings in counts per minute. Those geiger units are supposed to work stupendously when the product they are checking is dried so I saw on a Fairewinds vimeo ealier last week. When I read these comments my first thought was that this puking and diarrhea reaction sounds like what happens after chemo and radiation therapy of one’s body is cancering. Just a thought. Thanks to the person who posted starting with a needle scratched skin test. What a wonderful idea.

  23. Hi everyone – To anyone who’s still watching this thread, or coming to it new at this point, I just wanted to share that your posts have helped me understand what has been happening to me for the past few days – a reaction to chlorella. The thing is, I’ve been consuming chlorella for YEARS. And only in the past week have I had major reactions to it. This actually happened once before, a few years, back, but I attributed it to getting a chlorella pill a bit stuck on the way down while swallowing it. But now what has happened has been the gagging reaction, filling up of my esophagus with saliva/phlegm, and inability to swallow, like Omar and others have said. This morning it’s happening again, and I got the idea of searching for “reactions to chlorella.”

    Thank you again, to all posters, for helping me get to the bottom of this!

    • Hello Doug,
      I am so happy to hear that my post helped someone! Like you, it was postings that validated my hunch. It took me three serious episodes to figure out that I did not have severe food poisoning, but a reaction to chlorella. I had been taking chlorella all summer and my first reaction wasn’t until September. I was taking a quality brand, broken cell wall from Dr. Mercola. While I did have a lot of phlegm, I also had concurrent vomiting and gastrointestinal distress to the point of exhaustion. I’d like to know why some people have a reaction and others don’t. I hope it’s not because some of us have toxic heavy metals!

    • Hey Doug,
      Thanks for the comment, and I’m happy to hear this post gave you some insight into your reactions to chlorella. It has been nearly 4 years since I wrote the original post, and now I’m at a crazy point where I’m debating trying chlorella again. (!!) I don’t know if my reactions were due to toxicity in my body or in the chlorella product itself, but I’m starting to feel left out of the superfood scene. Not sure if I want to subject myself to a vomit marathon, though… we’ll see.
      Best of luck and health to you,

      • Dana,
        Have you tried using Maca Root? I will never take Chlorella again. I don’t think it was toxicity in the product.


  24. I tried taking Chlorella to help detoxify for heavy metal toxicity. The first week of combining chlorella powder mixed in water (and sometimes other products for a smoothy) followed by cilantro tincture went without a hitch. No reaction, and I felt fine. The Klinghardt protocol suggests that it’s taken for one week twice per day, then off for two weeks and go again for a 2nd week and so on. The 2nd week, I took it exactly as I had previously. The very first time and within hours I was so ill that I couldn’t leave the bathroom for hours. I waited another 2 weeks then tried again, and again so sick that I couldn’t leave the bathroom. Hours of vomiting and at least 24 hours of weakness. I thought it might be the tincture and stayed off but started a series of utilizing captomer and IV chelation therapy with my Naturopathic Doctors. No problems with those procedures at all. Then about 6 months following my initial chelation I was given chlorella tablets to take with my food should I eat fish to help move any mercury through. The first time I took them it was shortly after my meal and I felt ill but I thought it was because of the timing. The 2nd time I took fewer and was sure to take them with my meal and this time I was sick. Not as violently as with the powder but until the food in my stomach was gone.

    There is no doubt in my mind that it is a reaction to chlorella. In my case, two different, good Japanese sources. My body just can’t tolerate it and my body is fine with the chelation therapy so I also don’t believe it is a reaction to the effects of detoxifying. I will not be taking it again.

  25. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I have been reading them with great interest. It is good to be aware of the risks and adverse side effects that chlorella may have. I have been regularly taking chlorella tablets, and had only good results. First it helped me with my stomach problems, cramps and aches and now it helps me easing my nerve disorder symptoms that was caused by overusing a dangerous herbal supplement. I can only praise the product, and however I was aware that some people can’t tolerate it, I wasn’t aware of these horrible side effects people experienced. As a natural therapist I appreciate these comments, and will warn everybody I recommend chlorella about the side effects. I wonder if muscle testing could identify the intolerances that one may have, has any of you done that or have an opportunity to do that? I would be interested in the results. In my case I had a strong intuition, or inner “guidance” that told me chlorella is good for me and my body seemsto like it.

  26. Finally figured out it really was the Chlorella that made me so sick. So I just googled to see if others are having the same problem and …here I am. So interesting to read all the posts. I try every now and then to take my Doctor’s Trust brand of Broken Cell Wall Chlorella. I thought maybe, I am so toxic ….that is why I get so sick taking this stuff. I have never been allergic to anything in my life that I have known about. Looking back now there were some green smoothie mixes that I couldnt tolerate at all in my past years….probably the Chlorella in them. I am finally waking up. I just kept making excuses for getting sick like….I didn’t have anything on my stomach…or …I had just ate. Never could get is right.

  27. Have taken spirulina in the past with no problems. I decided to switch to chlorella because of its high content of vitamin C & D. Have taken chlorella tablets for about 3 months, gradually building them up from 1 tablet for 2 weeks, 2 tablets for 2 weeks etc. as I was aware of the claimed detoxifying effect. Used up a whole bottle of NOW chlorella tablets with no problem at all. Recently, bought a bottle of NOW organically grown chlorella powder. Made a smoothy each morning with a rounded teaspoon as per instructions. Started off okay but then after about 2 weeks, suddenly broke out in horrendous hives all over my body and had to take antihistamine to cope with it….also suffered from sporadic vertigo. Put it down to eating acid tomatoes but it was only when I stopped the chlorella that the hives went away. WON’t TAKE IT AGAIN!. Wow some of the comments on this site really scared me ….don’t want to get even worse symptoms. If you want to boost your Vitamin A & D (which clorella contains), I recommend having a teaspoon of cod liver oil each day and eating leafy greens instead. πŸ™‚

  28. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease last August. I started on one antibiotic and after 3-4 weeks started a second one. I was told to take chlorella to help with detoxification of spirochetes. I was taking 3 capsules and after a few days I started vomiting violently. Had to be in bed for hours, totally unable to function.

    My LLMD thought it was the second antibiotic. So I stopped everything I was taking. After a week I slowly started reintroducing the meds/supplements back.

    The day I started back on the chlorella had me over the toilet bowl again for hours (oh, did I mention that the heat wave that strikes right before you vomit started as I was driving and I literally was vomiting out the window of my moving car- only to pull over and continue purging on all fours on a neighbors lawn?)

    When I called my LLMD and told them that after doing internet research I was sure that it was the chlorella that was causing my symptoms, I was told that they only had a few patients who were truly allergic to chlorella – guess they forgot to mention that when they instructed me to begin taking it.

    I was never so sick in my life – and let me tell you, I have been very sick in my life.

    There should be a warning on the label.

  29. I read these comiting stories as well after I ordered chlorella. I ordered a good one, broken cell wall. I even emailed the person who I bought it from because I didnt want to become so sick (I am scared of vomiting). Anyway, been taking it every day for weeks and weeks and feel fine:) I am allergic to a couple of things, but luckly not chlorella lol.

    • Hi Anna,
      It was broken cell wall chlorella from Dr. Mercola that I took. I was not violently ill until I had been taking it for about 8 weeks, increasing my dosage weekly by one small pill.

  30. I took some chlorella earlier this month, and thought I had the flu or food poisoning, or ate too many ribs on an empty stomach… then I took some again yesterday and haven’t vomited like that since I had amoebas in Guatemala. I contacted Mercola and asked if it might be my body reacting to mercury being bound to the chlorella, and they suggested starting with 1 tablet at a time (instead of 10 like I did). I’m not sure I want to try that experiment… I might just stick with Spirulina which I know doesn’t bother me. BioRay also has a detox (clinically proven, and safe for kids too) called NDF. It has a pleasant taste, and I know I don’t react to NDF. I had taken quantities of chlorella in the past, but it wasn’t broken cell wall chlorella. Yes, I’ve read they consume chlorella in quantities in Asia, but I am not Asian, and there is a difference between the digestive systems of Asians and Anglos. I’m relieved to find other people have had negative reactions to it. I wish I could tolerate it, but happy that now I don’t have to scare people who are worried about catching a flu bug from me.

    • Hi Gretchen,
      I am happy to hear that you called Mercola. I, too, wondered if my reaction was due to being overloaded with toxins in my body. I hope some day to have an answer as to why some people have such violent vomiting.

  31. I have started chlorella only a week ago and that too for a general purpose like cleaning up the system, improved protein intake, and other similar reasons. I immediately felt an improvement in my digestion…nothing else. I have read the numerous comments on the experience others have had with chlorella …some good some bad. Head aches started when I increased the dose to around 12 pills a day. I am using the Green Manna products and have reduced the pills to 6 … everything is normal again. I am interested in the experiences of others so that I can benefit from the use of this costly value food.

  32. I had the same reaction to Jarrow Formulas’ Yaeyama Chlorella. I tried ingesting smaller amounts and still experienced the same nausea and vomiting.

  33. About 3 years ago I was trying every health thing promoted online and chlorella was one of them. I violently threw up. It was real fast and so bad that I thought I could have actually died! NEVER AGAIN!

  34. I have developed strong skin rush after two days of using chlorella + spirulina tablets. I took 3 per day. The skin rush doesn’t want to go away even after one week now… This chlorella was from edenpharma…

  35. my mother got violently ill vomiting non-stop for hours, I had to call the ambulance. I took it and not reaction whatsoever, but for her it was violent violent sickness, BE CAREFUL

  36. Has ANY body gotten sick from the Bolthouse Farms Green goodness juice?? Or Clam chowder? About 7 years ago I had to stop eating clam chowder (me thinking it was shellfish) however YESTERDAY I drank some of this juice and got the same sickness from the clam chowder. Sick out both ends and intense stomach cramp! Only lasted about 5 hours, but it’s not a fun reaction!! Then I did a little research on the similarities between clams and chlorella. Learned a little about how clams are little filters and could absolutely be filtering the chlorella. Does anybody have any other input on this?

    • Yup took the bolthouse green goodness and was throwing up violently everywhere. Same thing happened drinking the naked Green smoothies. It was the worst abdominal pain with severe nausea and vomiting and chills that I had in my life. My father also made me a greens smoothie that he blended and I had the same reaction. I narrowed it down to Spirilina being in all of these products. I was even stubborn to try a lower dose of spirilina thinking I was having a herxheimer reaction. I ingested a small amount via capsule, and about 1 1/2 hours I experienced the worst vomiting and abdominal cramps ever, worse than before. It was so bad I had to be hospitalized. I believe that the reactions to the spirilina is the body’s way of trying to rid itself of this algae, it must think its Darth Vader or something. Once all of the substance is eliminated from the stomach you’ll feel alot better. I’m very thankful to hear everyone’s comments, and keep putting them out there.

      • Sorry to hear that you were hospitalized, Jason. I know the reaction and how horrible it is to go through it. Thanks for adding a little humor in there, Darth. I can laugh now but it was a traumatic experience for me, too! I believe it is inherent in some of us. For awhile I thought it was from my body being toxic. In addition, I don’t think it is toxins in chlorella. I now use cilantro water to detox and I do not have a reaction.

  37. This problem with chlorella I see after reading here looks more like an epidemic than a side effect. I had purchased some Source Naturals Broken Cell 500MG tabs and found I got sick with them a few weeks ago. I found a website where the theme was that this brand of chlorella was no good. OK. So I researched more and came up with Health Ranger Select Clean Chlorella, that is the type grown inside so it has no residues or metals of any kind – thinking that may be the solution to a healthy detox using chlorella. Well, this morning I took a handful of the tabs (200mg) before breakfast and yikes! Within an hour I was flat on my back with waves of food poisoning like nausea. So far I just short of upchucking, and I’m hoping it all subsides rather than gets worse. I must have the allergy that everyone else has (or whatever causes this), but I guess it’s not the brand, but the stuff itself. Expensive lesson learned, but so surprised and disappointed that something so simple and natural is so bad for so many.

  38. Took chlorella twice and first time thought I had food poisoning. My DH took from same packaging both time and was fine. The 2nd time I threw up for hours so bad my heart muscles hurt. I have ever been so sick in my whole like. My DH asked his doctor friend why he could tolerate it and I couldn’t and the doctor told him I must toxic with heavy metals. I must be allergic to this and would never take it again.

  39. I took chlorella, and had horrifying vomiting, and a terrible drop in body temperature to 90 degrees. Being stupid, I took it again, and had the same effect with the drop in body temperature, again, to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I will NEVER go near that stuff again.

  40. I just wanted to share that I also had the same reaction. The strange thing is I used to take chlorella all the time – and I mean I actually took large amounts of this superfood. It never effected me back then, but for some reason I can no longer tolerate chlorella. I thought it may have been the NOW Foods brand, so I purchased Vitamineral Green (it has chlorella in it) and had the same reaction. It’s similar to the experience of others here: body temperature dropping, sweating, light-headedness, lack of cognition and of course, violently vomiting and bowel issues. Like others I’ve never felt so sick in my life, and I think that’s about right – 3 hours or so later all of this becomes apparent. My personal opinion is I don’t think it’s a bad source that’s causing this, but some allergic reaction, or maybe even a possible contamination to all sources since my last use of this superfood. However, that might not explain why it doesn’t happen to everyone. I will say that I won’t be able to continue to use anything with chlorella in it, no matter how many good things are said about it. I’d also agree there should be a bright warning label on anything containing chlorella. At this point, I’m almost certain if I ever took a large amount of this superfood it could have some serious effects. I think if someone not knowing they are allergic (or whatever the case may be) took a large amount it could possible cause death.

    • I absolutely agree with you. People need to be warned. I did not take much but felt like I was going to pass out with severe shaking and blurred vision, sweats and vomiting, diorreah for hours. If someone took a lot and were already compromised i.e., old, ill or vulnerable in some way – it could be fatal.

    • Can we please stop calling this mega-poison a superfood? It’s a lethal hoax! I never had vomitting or stomach issues, I just experience extreme weakness due to rapid drop in already low BP, as well as mental confusion and extreme dizziness. Basically felt like death taking over. I will return it tomorrow. I wonder if it affects the blood sugar.

  41. It’s deja vu all over again! i’ve been trying to figure out the reason for the EXTREME vomiting, diarrhea and chills (that landed me in the ER) and now i know – chlorella allergy! I can’t believe how closely my story matches so many others. I had no reaction with my first smoothie (containing a high-quality, organic chlorella powder) but the second – whoa – vomiting so hard i pulled muscles in my neck. It was the violent chills that finally had me seeking help. Please. This very real, very severe reaction that some people have to chlorella must be made known.

  42. Just had to leave my students in classs this morning cause I had to run to the toilet and vomit… After having chlorella before breakfast. I’ve been taking it all summer, in plain water, without any side effects… last Sunday after having a glass at night, I felt really ill and had digestive issues all night… and this morning… was worst and almost instant… I bought it from an online store called and to be honest, I did not check what kind of chlorella it is… Do I need to worry now if I eat dried algea or even sushi? I never want to feel that awful again…

    • Barb, from my experience it’s not really the source, bad chlorella, or anything like that. I think it may be that some people are allergic, or develop an allergic reaction to it. Even more, it could be that this is not a superfood at all. Anyhow, my experience is that it does not get better with any brand, it gets worse. I’d advise anyone having issues not to continue with other brands. I did that and it only made the sickness worse each time.

  43. I was prescribed Dr. Mercola’s broken cell wall chlorella tablets. I put one in my mouth, and that alone made my tongue get thick and swollen where the tablet touched and the roof of my mouth felt thick. Basically, after I spit it out, my mucous membranes felt swollen for a good hour. It was terrible. I also react horribly to the detox herb Burbur.

  44. WOW! I wish I had read this comment thread before I took Chlorella. I first took it last week in a smoothie. At the 2 hour mark, I suddenly got horrible sweats and then projectile vomit. And when I say projectile, I mean this just flew out with nearly zero warning. For the next 2 hours, I had severe cramping in my gut. I don’t know how many trips I made to the bathroom during that time, with constant, watery diarrhea. Sorry for the visuals, but that’s what happened. However, during this whole time I blamed the Chinese Noodle Soup I had eaten the day before. Fast forward to today – another Chlorella smoothie and the EXACT same response, though it was more severe today and knocked me out for the next 4 hours instead of just 2. My wife and son both consumed smoothies from the same batch, and both felt fine last week and feel fine today too.

    • Amazing. I had the same experience with chlorella, and had it twice as well. Severe projectile vomiting. And my body temperature dropped to 90 degrees. Unheard of. I had blamed something else the first event, and so took chlorella again, and had the second event. wow. I got mine at Whole Foods.

        • He already mentioned his wife and son had the same smoothie. Has anyone consumed coffee before taking chlorella? I want to think it’s a detoxification reaction to something.

            • I had coffee as well, which is why I asked. It was the only other thing I could think of. I’m not saying for certain that it’s the issue, but it’s worth considering. I used to be able to take the same chlorella product all the time when I was consuming the best foods and doing the right things. I wonder if anyone could confirm if they had coffee close to the time of having chlorella. Thanks!

              P.S. Multiple sources claim not to have coffee or tea because of caffeine is said to interfere with digestion. Here’s one of them


  45. Has anybody gotten sick from eating clam chowder? Considering that this is what the clams ingest, I’ve gotten violently ill (puking non stop for hours, also to the point of puking up bile) the last two times I’ve had a can of clam chowder. Also the last two times I’ve had those green “Odwalla” drinks, which contain chlorella!

  46. I wanted to put this out there. If you have or have had amalgam fillings that cou ld be the reason why you fell so ill after consuming chlorella. Chlorella will pull mercury from everywhere in the body, including your fillings, and start chelating it out of your body. Since the half life is unknown, there is no telling when the chelation process stops (could be 2 hours, could be 8, who knows) and all that mercury gets redistributed throughout your body. You will experience herxing and some other nasty effects. Flu shots also contain themerisol, which is mercury, as does fish. So even if you don’t have amalgams you’ve probably beem exposed to mercury. Oh, and CFL lights contain mercury as well. I am mercury toxic, I learned the hard way when it came to Chlorella.

    • Thanks for the insights, Sasha. I’m a no on all counts- amalgam fillings, fish, and flu shots or other vaccines. (I don’t even think I used CFLs when I reacted to the chlorella, either, though I do use the bulbs now.) I think my reaction was just a regular allergy, just like some ppl are allergic to nuts and others to gluten. Haven’t had any chlorella since then…

  47. I took garden of life protein powder which contains chlorella. It’s been 7 days since I took it last and almost every day I have had a very brief period of a racing heart and a burning sensation in the back of my head and shoulders and neck/chest area. I also get whole body shaking. I have been to the er and had an ekg twice. Blood draws, urine test. Everything came back normal. I think it’s the chlorella doing this to me. But how long before it will be out of my system? This may be tmi. But I did have green stool today after a few days of only being able to stand eating bread. So I am thinking that may be the chlorella at work? Please if anyone has any information,

    • Kassie always keep charcoal in your medicine cabinet! I took 2 activated charcoal caps as soon as I made it upstairs. Worse of it passed within 20-30 min but still have effects now, 2 hrs later. I should take more. My aka will take you where I buy mine, just do a search. I can’t be without, it’s life or death for me since I react to so much ( have severely impaired liver). Also a must for anyo e for food poisoning etc. Good luck.

  48. A violent bout of vomiting again last night. First time, after consuming chlorella powder (organic from a local food coop) in a smoothy and last night Yaeyama brand, 5 tabs (=100 mg). Both time, I was in Urgent Care (2x$300) within hours of consuming. First time, I didn’t make the connection but the second time, it was too darn obvious. Both time, I had to take Zofran (generic), 8mg – anti-nausea med.

  49. I took chlorella 5 months ago and reacted severely, in fact I am still suffering from the reaction! 😦 I did not vomit like most here but I got a bronchospasm an “elephant” sitting on my chest” so severe that I thought I might be having a heart attack and a spasm in my throat that required all my concentration to me not freaking out…this was a constant state for about a bit over a month!!! then it sometimes got better, depending on what I ate (a strict diet of broth- non starchy veggies and meat has helped me)…I am in a severe flare of the autoimmune diseases that I had managed to calm down with diet and supplements, I was working on that for over 2 years! but this chlorella episode has thrown me back were I have started and made it even worse! I am still reacting to most foods even though, now after 5 months I only have spasms in my throat maybe once a week…and they are less severe so I seem to be on the road to recovery… still! this should NOT happen! people need to be warned of the side effects and what to look out for! it took me 10 days to find out what I was reacting to!

  50. Wow, I’m relieved I can read what others have been through. I bought a large bag over the Internet of Chlorella because I thought it would be like spirulina or a barley green powder. I had no problem taking it…until I did have a problem. I was at my job and got nauseous and had to cancel my appointment. I made it out to car before I vomited in the parking lot. I didn’t think it was the chlorella, as I also had put turmeric in my juice that morning. So a couple days later, I mixed some chlorella with plain water. A couple hours later, vomiting! No doubt I will not ingest this ever again.

  51. Oh my gosh – this has confirmed that either I am allergic to chlorella or I had a massive detox reaction due to heavy metals (I have mercury fillings and eat lots of fish) I had a violent reaction (both ends) for hours and blood pressure drop, so dizzy though I would pass out.
    I only had a small amount in a smoothie and the nausea hit me within an hour. Looking into bag of chlorella made me feel nauseas, but not just the smell ….. the dark green colour, while beautiful and fascinating to watch while pouring, gave me a strong aversion to it – almost as if it was, in fact, poisonous to me.

  52. Chlorella is poison to me! The same with spirulina. I just had some tonight, a couple tiny sips of an overpriced organic green drink with both, and nearly passed out in the parking lot, I was so weak! Years ago, I read an article on toxic effects of blue green algae. The stuff comes from China and they have no standards, it grows in factory sludge waste water, high in toxic heavy metals. Use at your own risk, I stick with green grasses.

  53. I have the same bad reaction to chlorella and spirulina, as well as carrageenan and mushrooms grown with manure like portobello/white button mushrooms (fresh mushrooms grown on wood, like shiitake, seems to be fine). I am also prone to staph infections and get food poisoning pretty easily. From what I’ve read, batches of chlorella and spirulina are often contaminated with e coli, so: food poisoning, bacteria and gut flora seem to be the issue.

    Carbs and FODMAPs feed bacteria and aggravate the digestive tract, allowing infectious bacteria to colonize the gut, the more carbs and FODMAPs I eat the more susceptible to staph infections and food poisoning, etc. I’ve cut all spirulina/chlorella/carrageenan and most carbs out of my diet and eat a dairy-free ketogenic diet, which is basically paleo + science. No more fermented foods, beans, legumes, fruits or vegetables that cause gas (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, peaches, cherries, etc). No dairy. Very little wheat, rice, quinoa or other grains. I eat mostly meat, root vegetables and fresh fruit, with a bit of grain every 3 or 4 days (eating grains every day makes me sick to my stomach, too many carbs). This has not only stopped chronic food poisoning and IBS but also migraines and generally feeling sick a dog all the time.

    Hope this helps in some way. All the best.

  54. Thank God I’m not the only one. Took me 3 different times of violently puking til I figured it out. I strength tested later and sure enough my body hates it…. should have done that in the beginning and saved myself some trauma.

  55. I had taken spirulina capsules daily for several months with no problems (Mar ’17 – Sept ’17). However, on December 18th, 2017, I mixed a teaspoon of NOW brand chlorella into my morning smoothie at 7:00 am. By 10:00 am I had severe nausea and vomiting. I left work and had to pull over twice on the 20 min ride home to vomit. ended up sleeping for 6 hours. felt slightly better that evening and completely better the next day. I suspected the chlorella but also thought maybe I had food poisoning. I stopped adding it to my smoothie, until yesterday. Still suspecting chlorella, i added 1/2 teaspoon to smoothie and drank about half. Same exact reaction. by 9:30 started to feel nausea, so i immediately left work and again stopped twice to projectile vomit in some unfortunate persons’ driveway. This time I had the addition of explosive diarrhea when I got home. Slept for 3 hours and felt better when I woke. Much like Teresa above just the color and smell make me sick. Have thrown out the bottle of chlorella. Still undecided on whether to try spirulina capsules again. Has anyone else had reaction to chlorella but not spirulina?

  56. Tried chlorella powder and had most violent vomiting – more than I ever got from a flu. Now I can’t drink what used to be one of my favorite Trader Joe’s drinks because it has some chlorella in it. Wasn’t affected by it before using the stupid powder.

  57. Has anybody tried to push through the vomiting stages and realised it was just a detox phase??? I tried a powder form and for the first few days was completely fine, I loved how my skin looked as well, I then started to feel very sick after a few days, a year on I’m thinking of trying again, I’m thinking maybe your body gets used to the chlorella and its just a normal part of the detox stage and after a few days or weeks it gets better ?

  58. I experienced exactly the same yesterday all I had was a smoothie I made at home and added chlorella to it. Low and behold an hour later I was violently throwing up with horrible stomach cramps. This went on and ended with horrible running stomach as well. I will not be taking any more chlorella

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