Geeky Reasons to Love (Or Like) My Job

Regular readers and people who know me in real life will know that I sometimes complain about my job (especially when said job contributes to– or even causes?– my Evil Tendonitis). However, what I’m finally coming to realize is that the work I do now is actually preparing me for whatever work I end up doing next. (I am nothing if not a slow learner.) In other words, I truly need this job and everything this job teaches me!

I have learned so many things at this particular job that I couldn’t have learned otherwise, unless of course I enrolled in some accounting-esque courses at university or college (and we all know how likely that is to happen: Not at all likely. Even still.) Besides, ‘if you can’t say anything nice’ about your job… just shut the eff up, right? 🙂

I can’t claim to be an accounting whiz, and I’m definitely not qualified to be the Director of Finance for any major organization, but when I compare what I know about finance now to what I knew before… there is no comparison. I knew nothing before. At all. And I thought I liked it that way.

I have been in my “Accounting” position at work for just over a year and a half, and during that time:

– I have learned how to create, edit, and actually use spreadsheets (including formulae!) This is a huge deal to me, because I was convinced that I hated spreadsheets (and math in general), but I actually have a keen appreciation for their value now. I even caught myself groaning out loud the other day when somebody sent me a MS Word Table instead of a proper Excel spreadsheet. (And yes, it was a geeky groan indeed!) MS Word?! Ah, nuts!

– I have mastered the number pad on the keyboard and on an adding machine. This might not seem like a big deal to anybody else except dorky ol’ me, but being able to punch in numbers with relative ease and not having to look down at the keyboard makes my life so much easier. (Not to mention, it makes me feel more ‘legit’ in my department when I can make the adding machine whir in a calculation frenzy. I am such a nerd!)

– I have started to understand budgets and bank reconciliations, beyond the everyday “I have budgeted x amount of dollars to spend on food this week” sense. Period.

– I have learned the importance– nay, necessity— of a paper trail.

– I have gained a sense of confidence (and even comfort) around numbers and money now, where before I felt insecure and overwhelmed. Having any sort of responsibility for people’s financial details would have given me a panic attack before, but now I know from experience that people and other businesses can trust me to do things correctly with their money. Be not afraid.

– I have been supported by a wonderful supervisor, who has literally taken me under her knowledgeable wing and patiently taught me everything I know. I could never have applied for this type of job off the street (not like I would have wanted to, but that’s another story). My supervisor is making sure that I have decent transferable skills when (not if) I eventually take flight.

– I have made a decent number of contacts in Victoria’s finance/HR  world. Despite its small size, my workplace has a pretty significant reach in the city. And even though I haven’t actually taken advantage of any connections just yet, I’m assuming that my web of contacts will come in handy at some point in the future. From what I hear, it’s all about who you know in Victoria… It’s a small city, that’s for sure.

– I have been able to live comfortably in this beautiful city, pay my rent and buy my groceries, get a decent amount of holiday time every year, and honestly? I have no reason to complain. Remind me of that the next time my tendonitis flares up, OK?

One response

  1. I don’t know ANYTHING about money. Seriously, I’m brutal. I reply on Brad to tell me what is best to do with it, and before him I relied on the person at the bank.
    It’s not something I’m proud of, but when people start talking about money (RRSPs, GICs, stock markets, whatever) I get instantly tired and want to change the subject.
    I think it’s fantastic all that you’ve learned!! I think the same thing myself about my job. My old mentor Rudi taught me almost everything I know, from how to set up a set of drawings to how to put paint colours together.

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