Six Months, Seven Pounds (OK, Actually Eight Pounds)

We started our Harbour whirlwind in mid-April.  It is now late October.

Six months have passed.

Those were six lo-o-o-ong months of eating mostly take out food. (I don’t think I can eat another edamame tacone from Red Fish Blue Fish. Ever again. What a shame.) Before the Harbour era, we were horrified with ourselves for indulging in what we called “Sushi Fridays”; a once-a-week treat to some cucumber rolls after work (ooooh- so badass! Clearly, we were eating the devil’s fruit right out of the palm of his hand.) Little did we know then that we would hardly even get one home cooked meal a week during our summer at the Harbour. Seriously– when the Harbour came a-calling, the Healthy Eating wagon bolted fast, and we fell off of it hard. It was bad. Super bad…

Not to mention we didn’t exercise at all during that time period (dodgy box lifting techniques aside). Judging by how my clothes fit then and now, I went from being moderately buff to being rather… Buddha-esque. Ahem. And yet… no closer to enlightenment. This is not good news!!

I was dreading taking my measurements again and stepping on the scale. (Disclaimer: I do not base my sense of self-worth on my measurements or my weight, but I generally prefer to feel good in my skin, which usually means eating well and engaging in physical activity. Let’s be honest here.) I knew I had made some, ahem, gains since the last time I checked things out, and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to the verdict.

Sure enough, I put on a few pounds as well as a few inches over the summer months (8 lbs and a combined 3 inches). The pounds don’t bother me at all (because I usually weigh even more when I am uber-muscular, and let’s face it, I thought a summer of chipotle mayonnaise was going to have more of an impact), but the overall feelings of lethargy, sluggishness, and being squeezed into my outfits are more than disconcerting. Something has to give.

And so I’ll be embarking on the long and slow road back to well-being. This time around, I’ve decided to proceed with caution. (As opposed to my usual plan of cracking the whip, cutting out everything bad all at once, getting cranky, abandoning plans, and inevitably returning to my slovenly (slothenly?)  ways.) No, no. This time, I’m going to start out by adding in ‘good’ things until the ‘bad’ things have no choice but to be dropped from my lifestyle. (E.g. I’ll incorporate my herbal teas again until there’s no room left for my sugar-with-coffee-and-cream. And gradually, the steamed kale– which I love and actually miss terribly— will overtake the starchy vegetables and hopefully the cheese, too. Go, Team Kale!)

I don’t think it will be a particularly easy or pleasant process at first (especially because my body thinks it’s a bear during autumn and consequently insists on turning up the heat and packing on the pounds!), but in the long run, it will all be worth it. Any suggestions?

3 responses

  1. Want to lost weight? Go on this no wheat/no dairy diet. I swear, I can eat anything and never gain a pound.
    Even though ‘anything’ doesn’t include a lot when you eliminate two entire food groups.

  2. Coconut oil. 1tbsp per day- raises the basal tempz and makes you all fat-burnin’.

    I just ate moosemeat probably at least once every two days for the past month, so the first thing I did when I got home was make Dad take me to the health food store so I could buy a hella big bag of juicing carrots and kale. Kale carrot juice is my destiny, because I do raw, but have fun with your steamy kaleventures, sweet sister ‘o mine!

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