Moving On And Moving Up!

Well, faithful readers, Marty and I only have three weeks left in the apartment that has cradled us since we first moved to Victoria. Yes: we are moving!! The big changes are here!!

As you all know, we have been living with hunched shoulders and cramped legs alongside all of our stuff in a mere 640 sq. feet of living space for three long years now. (We have our own peloton of bicycles *and* an art studio in what should be our dining room, remember?) The time has definitely come for us to move on! And although we debated trying to buy a condo or townhouse, in the end we decided to rent a new space. We can’t really afford to buy as much space as we think we might need just yet, and we didn’t want to move out but still need our offsite storage lockers, so we’ll be renting a large-ish house until we can filter through all of our stuff and see what we actually need.

So. We are excited! And a little bit terrified!!

Our new house (!!!!!) has three bedrooms and a large, sunny studio space for Marty. Of course, the house is older and so the bedrooms seem as though they were built for gnomes (in comparison to some behemoth master suites we have seen.) Our queen-sized bed will literally only fit into one of the bedrooms, so that made the choice of where to sleep pretty easy. There is also a dire shortage of closet space, so we will be investing in lots of chests and wardrobes! 🙂 But! We will be able to have– for the first time in six years— a dining room table! And we can actually offer guests a place to sit down when we entertain like the true community spirits we are! (To buy: table. Also: chairs.) There is a living room with hardwood floors and a faux fireplace (classy!), a very very large backyard with a fire pit, clothes line, and permission to garden wherever we want, and there are enough cupboards in the kitchen to store place settings and pantry items for a family of twelve. We are moving in three weeks!!

Of course, getting all of these features at a price we can still afford means we are moving far out of Oak Bay. Far, far away. This makes me sad, because I have really adored living in this neighbourhood and being so close to the village and downtown, but seriously: our new place has a lot of features that we *think* we might be looking for in our eventual home, so we might as well check it out and see how we manage! If we hate it, we are only locked in for a mere six months, so there’s nothing to lose. (But who wants to move again in six months? Not us, especially because that would put us just before Labour Day, a very busy weekend at the Harbour. We are hoping for at least a year.)

So… what do you think? Does my sudden-onset Basket Case Syndrome make a little more sense or seem a tad more justified? Do any of you freak out as much as I do about moving? Are you excited to see our new place when we host a virtual housewarming party? And are you tired of all the question marks and exclamation points in this post? Me too!

PS: In case you are wondering why the eff I have not posted any photos of anything recently, it is because we lost our Photoshop when our computer had to be wiped clean. When we went to reinstall it afterward, the program was no longer being supported (too old) and wouldn’t install properly. So we tried downloading a free 30-day trial of the new Photoshop, which was too new for our computer and would crash every time we merely looked at the icon.  So we had to scour ebay and find a Goldilocks version of Photoshop for sale– not too old, not too new. It is en route to us as we speak, and our computer had better support it, because Marty depends on Photoshop for so much of his graphics work, and I like to be able to resize and retouch photos before I put them up here. Long story short: our new software is on its way, and soon I will be able to show you the crazy faux-Baroque wallpaper that adorns our new bedroom. It is insane.

8 responses

  1. Ohmigod so exciting!! Now that you have made the decision, I bet you’re wanting to move RIGHT NOW DAMNIT! Well, that’s how i get anyway….

    I HATE moving. The worst part about it (because we always hire movers) is FINDING the new place. Cause it has to be ‘good enough’ and take pets and have in-suite laundry (does your new place have?!) and not be in the basement and…..yeah, you get my point.

    I bet you after a week in your new space you will wonder how you did it for so long at your old place.

    (Oh – and we still don’t really have dining table chairs either. We have two hand-me-down chairs that are mismatched and when we have people over we pull in the plastic ones from the balcony. Classy.)

    • Well, we (amazingly) only looked at the one place. There could be something better out there, but we’ll never know now because we signed the lease for the first place we laid eyes on! 🙂

      We’re not hiring movers, so the worst part of the process will definitely be… moving all of our crap. By ourselves. And lifting our furniture– again, by ourselves.

      On the plus side, we do have in-suite laundry (washing machine only, but we never use a dryer anyway), and we will no longer have UPSTAIRS NEIGHBOURS. I hate having upstairs neighbours more than anything.

  2. All the extra space sounds great. Just hope the commute isn’t too long for you.
    I have a antiquish funky-fat-stuffed, emerald green living room chair needing a good home, and some bookshelves.

  3. I hate moving. I’ll join your club. Unfortunatley I seem to do it far too often (5 times in 4 years?Dang wish I wouldn’t have done that math) And every time I move ,I truly start fondly reminising about a house fire I had 8 years ago where I was left with nothing but the clothes I had on and a wallet! And I was wearing somebody elses boots! I had to return them! BUT packing up was really ,really easy that time!
    Love your blog ,it cracks me up. I keep on coming back to check in on you and your random thoughts!

  4. So very excited for you. The work of the move will be compensated by the joy of space. I vote for actually enjoying a slightly emptyish room to dance around in. Of course, given your amount of stuff, maybe that won’t be practicable. And I feel your pain leaving the close to town areas, we’ll likely have to do the same sooner or later…Good luck!

  5. How exciting! where are you going to be located? I’m sure we could help with a load or two on moving day…Yes, we are actually the type of friends that help friends move. Happy packing (oh, that’s right, you haven’t unpacked have you!).

  6. COPY CAT! 😉 It’s too bad you’re not moving this weekend, then we could have helped each other and shared a truck!

    Good for you guys! Where about are you moving to? Sounds far… We’re in on the border of Fernwood by downtown. I can help unload if we’re nearby and the timing works. 🙂

    The place sounds so ideal! I’m glad you guys are going for the plunge. A washer! Gardening! Space! Weeeeeeee!

  7. Just to clarify: I’m not fishing for free labour from friends, though I appreciate all of your offers for help! 🙂 Marty’s strong and tough, and I can pretend to be the same for a brief stint as required. How hard can moving be?

    We will be located way the heck out in Metchosin but will morph back into resident Oak Bay-ers (at least in name) as it suits us. There’s advantages and disadvantages to both neighbourhoods, for sure, but living out in the rural, street lamp-free district of Metchosin will bring me one step closer to my secret, life-long dream of making jam for a living! 😉

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