Birthday Girl!

Our beloved turns eleven years old today!

Robertina has had more good days than bad days lately, although her hind legs are really giving her problems. (She splays now. Quite frequently.) Of course, she is as sweet as ever, and we have enjoyed a generous share of cute moments with her recently. Today, we are hoping to mark the special occasion by being thankful for her loving presence in our lives and by taking her on whatever sort of walk she can manage. There might also be a special T-R-E-A-T for her in store, but it’s a surprise for later. Ssh! 🙂 (Evidently, I added the dashes in between ‘t-r-e-a-t’ just in case Robertina knows how to read and surf the internet but gets thrown off like a spam filter, getting fooled by the @ in ‘Vi@gra’. Thwarted again, puppy– thwarted again!!)

Happy birthday, precious lady, from the humans who love you the most!

Family portrait on Mt. Finlayson

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