Any Excuse To Eat Chocolate is a Great Excuse

About half of my workplace is on Weight Watchers right now– myself not included. On one hand, I guess this is a good thing, because they can support each other in their weight loss efforts and share meals that adhere to the point system (and blah blah blah). What’s not so good about this new development is that half of my workplace has now taken a hawk-like interest in every morsel of food that enters the office. Every day now, my lunches and midday snacks are scrutinized for fat and fibre content and if I so much think of chocolate or another form of edible indulgence, I can feel the Smug and Superior Face of Weight Watchers looking down on me. I really can’t stand it. (Not to mention I totally have to plan my lunches for around 1:30 pm now, which is the only time when it is guaranteed I won’t have to sit through a detailed analysis of calorie content and point tabulation. Can’t a girl just eat her quinoa in peace?)

I’ll confess it: There have been times when I thought that the WW program might be good to try, but every time I start to consider doing it, I remember everything I don’t particularly like about the program: namely, all that counting! (Plus being married to the bathroom scale or taking the number on it as a sign of my overall health. I’m not into that, either.) I like to focus more on adding things in when it comes to being healthy. In other words, when I’m feeling gross and sluggish, I’ll add in more exercise. Or when I’m feeling run down, I’ll add in more vitamins from fresh fruits and veggies. I just don’t do well with calorie counting, especially when the number crunching somehow means that diet soda is allowed but an avocado is not… what the eff is up with that?!


This is a long and sadly defensive way of introducing my most recent favourite recipe (see link below). It’s for chocolate, so let’s celebrate! I can already feel the narrowed eyes of Weight Watchers looking over these excellent truffles with suspicion at work, but guess what WW??! Thanks to the fabulous Kimberly Snyder, every ingredient in these Cacao Truffles is deliberate and worthy of guilt-free indulgence! So there.

The ingredients are really simple: raw cacao powder (not cocoa- you can get the raw cacao at the Market on Yates if you live in Victoria– right beside the soy/almond/rice milk section), ground almonds, unpasteurized honey, a touch of Celtic sea salt, coconut butter, and shredded coconut. Making them is even simpler: blend ingredients, roll small balls and coat with coconut flakes, put in freezer, eat. I had a bit of an issue grinding the almonds in our mostly-excellent coffee grinder– halfway through the grinding, the machine decided to kill its motor so I had to resort to our food processor for the rest. RIP, coffee grinder. But everything else was easy peasy! Sure, the dough (batter? truffle mixture?) was really sticky, but as soon as I rolled it in the coconut flakes it became much easier to manage. And the results are to die for!!! Delicious, silky, rich, and perfect. In the Weight Watchers world, these truffles might be automatically disqualified from consideration (e.g. coconut oil + almonds= high fat = bad), but in my world, the antioxidants and thyroid boosters make these truffles an instant classic and permanent excuse to indulge. YUM!!!

One response

  1. Oooooo!! Those sound good.

    Diet soda is poison. You’re right – any diet that encourages diet soda (aka aspartame) isn’t trustworthy. I also don’t believe in counting calories – it makes eating much less enjoyable.
    I don’t know – a little common sense – eat healthy (more fruit and veggies, less processed crap) and more exercise. Why complicate it by crunching numbers?

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