Tribute to Our Upstairs Neighbours

With only one more sleep left in the old apartment, it’s only fitting to extend a giant Thank You to our upstairs neighbours, who have worked tirelessly over many years to grate our nerves and tax our patience. Without them, we might have figured that ‘hey, apartment living isn’t so bad’ and we might never have put our feet down and decided that ‘enough is enough!’

So. Thank you.

Upstairs neighbours have come and gone during our time spent in Oak Bay. However, we have been cursed (or rather blessed) with reincarnations of the exact same type of upstairs neighbour over… and over… and over… again. I swear, every single upstairs neighbour we have ever had has the exact same laugh, but they only ever seem to laugh right above our bedroom during the wee hours of the morning. On a cell phone, to boot. Our upstairs neighbours never have office jobs or seem to need to leave the apartment ever! (Perhaps they take shifts?) And all of them stay up all night long but wake up super early in the morning. There is never quiet.

Our upstairs neighbours seem to have conspired to purchase the same horrible alarm clock. All of them set the alarm for way earlier than they intend to actually wake up, and then the alarm beep goes off for hours. Solid. None of the upstairs alarm clocks turn off automatically. But! It is thanks to our upstairs neighbours that earplugs have become good friends- thanks, neighbours!

Most of our upstairs neighbours have smoked, and have taken smoke breaks every 10 minutes for about… 3 and a half years straight. We hear their patio door grate along our ceiling, and sure enough, after a few minutes, we see a cigarette butt fall from the sky into our little garden. Wretched neighbours!! I mean, um… thanks for the extra fertilizer, neighbours! I hear that snow peas flourish with a bit of nicotine.

Many of our upstairs neighbours have been aspiring musicians (drummers– fun!), sprinters in training, or do-it-yourselfers who spend hours every day and night hammering things. We are surprised our ceiling hasn’t caved in yet, because we have seen the walls tremble on many occasions.

Despite all of the more sordid qualities of our upstairs neighbours, we really can thank them for motivating our asses out of an apartment and into a much larger space. We seriously can’t wait to fall asleep without hearing anything above our heads, save for rain and maybe the occasional bird/squirrel. It has only taken 3.5 years of learning the same lessons over and over again (Marty + me = slow learners), but we have finally heard the message and are ready to move on! Thank you, upstairs neighbours, for making this all happen. xoxo!!

3 responses

  1. There is a script for a Seinfeld episode in your story, I swear.
    If you could hear them laughing every night in the wee hours, are you sure you weren’t giving them something to ‘laugh at’ ? Just asking.

    And I can tell you it is great to wake up to just the gentle sound of rain on the roof, interrupted by the occassional swoosh of the wipers.

  2. Oh the joys of living in wood frame apartment buildings. The answer to all of this? CONCRETE.
    We are fortunate enough to live in a concrete building and WE. LOVE. IT.
    Obviously a house is an even better option though! Can’t wait to hear more stories about moving in!

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