Greetings From The Sticks!

Welcome to Metchosin, where lambs are your neighbours! For real!!

My goodness, moving is a tough job!! Before I left work for the long weekend, all of my coworkers cooed, “Oh, have a great time over the weekend, get your things in order, and just nest“, as though it would be that simple. I wish!

We had our internet, phone, and TV set up on April 1st. The poor Shaw man had to wedge himself between towers of unpacked boxes to get at the jacks and cables for the hook-ups, but it felt so great to be connected to the world of technology once again. (Plus, as part of some bundle pricing bonus, Marty and I will get The Guide for a full 12 months with our cable (for free!!), so you can imagine that we’re over the moon about that. Yes, I’m being serious.)

Flowers in our back yard, with random date stamp proof that this is a recent photo.

Alas, within 12 hours of having everything running, we were hit by a severe windstorm that not only knocked our power out for 12+ hours, but it also knocked the neighbour’s giant trampoline clear across our back yard and into a heap in another neighbour’s yard. It was scary. Very large branches were cracking off the tree in front of our bedroom window, and the road that runs in front of our house was absolutely littered with debris. We had no idea when BC Hydro was going to have things up and running again (seeing as we now live in The Sticks and not in exclusive Oak Bay), so we headed into town, got some warm take out food, and settled into watch Avatar. (Finally.) Screw unpacking! We need to get caught up on the world of entertainment.

I've always maintained that trampolines are no good and dangerous, but this is unexpected proof.

Today, we went for a short bike ride to some neighbouring farms to see what will be available come late spring and summer. It looks like we’ll be pretty much set for anything produce-related now, which is so exciting! Plus our next door neighbour sells EGGS, which thrills me to no end. (Me = easily amused and thrilled). Things are sloooooooowly coming together (meaning we’ve unpacked about 4 boxes total– we’re still scrubbing stuff), but I think we will really enjoy living out here. We just have to lose our posh Oak Bay accents, and we’ll fit right in.

7 responses

  1. Looks like heaven! Can’t wait to come for a visit. Hopefully you can brush up on your survival skills before the next power outage.

  2. That storm hey?! We didn’t lose power, but a tree in front of our building was knocked over.
    That trampoline – what the HELL?! It looks like a dinosaur walked all over it?!

  3. You guys are not far from the beached grey whale. It’s near Allard Farm at Creyke Point at East Sooke Park.
    Lots of cool stuff out your way.

  4. I’ve thought of retiring out in Metchosin – but you as and I both know, that’s waaaay into the future. I’m jealous of your lamby neighbours. 🙂

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