Wait One Minute: Where Are We Going, And Why Are We In This Basket?

Ay ay ay… It feels like we have been living in a nightmare over the past few days. AND WE CAN’T WAKE UP!! Oy. My head hurts, Marty is snuffling away like his lungs are full of ricotta, and every new twist and turn just makes me feel sick to my stomach. I am so tired of this crap!!

I have learned more about mould since Tuesday than I ever wanted to know about mould. Spores! Indoor vs. outdoor concentrations! Sample cassettes! I am just about ready to defend my doctorate dissertation in mould, I tell you. But did you know that there are no real standards in Greater Victoria when it comes to acceptable levels of mould in a residence? (Seriously?) And that even if a scad of mould was discovered in our rental unit, our landlord could then defend himself by saying ‘Well, if it was so bad, why did you rent it in the first place? You still owe me rent.’ GAH!!! Most of the disclosure/testing regulations deal specifically with home owners, and renters like poor Marty and I are left in the (mouldy, toxic) dust. Sigh.

I have talked to all sorts of interesting people, from the Public Health and Safety Department in Coquitlam, to the Fire Prevention Unit in Surrey, to the District of Metchosin, to the Residential Tenancy Office, to the Westshore RCMP, to the good folks at private mould testing agencies. All very nice people, I assure you. All very concerned about our health and well-being. But none of them able to give us any clear direction when it comes to what to do, except run. ‘Cut your losses and move far, far away’ is basically the advice we have been given (except from the residential tenancy office people, who say that we signed a lease, period. Mould means nothing to those people.) We want to get out as soon as possible, obviously, but there’s still a teensy part of us that wants JUSTICE TO BE SERVED.

Anyway. We have looked at (and been approved for!) a new place in Fernwood. But we can’t sign a new lease until we have broken our old one, natch. The ball is in the landlord’s court, and hopefully he just decides we’re a pain in the ass and lets us go. Let’s all cross our fingers, OK?

7 responses

  1. I’m not a lawyer, I just play one on television.
    Breaking your lease is completely reasonable.
    What is not reasonable is renting a house that has known mould infestation that is a health hazard.
    Get out asap and sort out the legalities later.
    You have good sense and reason on your side.
    This should not have happened, and justice should be on your side. It just may take some time to sort it out, as it usually does.

  2. yeah what Dean said! AND try calling the po po to see if they have a record of busting that house as a grow op. just one more nail in that coffin.

    xoxoxo to you both!

  3. I’ve totally got my fingers crossed for you. Fernwood is beautiful. One of my favourite neighbourhoods.

    I’ve heard before that breaking leases happens all the time. We did back when we lived in Burnaby. We just let him keep the rest of the months rent and split when we moved for a new job.

  4. This issue strikes me as much more than getting the landlord to ‘let you off’ your lease.

    He has this months rent, but on balance he should be on the hook TO YOU for what his messed-up house has resulted in.

    He knew about the problem and waited until you moved in before telling you. THAT smacks of negligence.

    Again, I may just be a simple cave-man lawyer, and don’t understand your modern ways, but I do recognize a wrong-doing when I see one. 🙂

  5. I would echo Dean’s advice. A lease only holds as much water as the money you have already paid to the landlord. He would have to pursue you to get any more money out of you. Move out, deal with the aftermath later. Call us tonight to arrange a place to stay. I don’t have your number so you have to call us.

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