New Jeans!

OK, I’ve been dying to post something that’s not about mould or moving or cleaning cupboards or ANY OF THAT CRAP! So let’s dig into the barrel of randomness and talk about shopping for jeans! ūüôā

Full disclosure: I don’t really enjoy shopping for jeans. Dress shopping? Yes. Grocery shopping? Most certainly! Shopping for everything else besides new jeans? Yes, yes, and yes. There’s just something about shopping for jeans that gets me all bothered. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really had a perfect pair of jeans before. (Except for this one pair in my early university years that I wore and wore and totally wore out, to the point where my sister declared them to be Rat Jeans and angrily cut the legs half off, hoping to shock and deter me from ever pulling them on again. Sadly for her,¬†the¬†chic capri-length and jagged hems made my favourite jeans¬†even more perfect in my mind, so I continued to wear¬†the Rat Jeans constantly. I¬†have¬†such fond memories of heading out in them to Sunday Skool at the Night Gallery¬†mostly every Sunday evening, dancing all night and getting them all sweaty, nasty,¬†and disgustingly smoky (before nightclubs in Calgary finally banned smoking.) But since then, no jeans have ever come close to being A Perfect Pair).

So anyway, I have lost a bunch of weight in the past three months, due to the¬†following factors: a lot less eating out (I’m talking to you, Harbour restaurants!), no dairy in¬†my diet, reduced sugar intake, lemon juice and herbal teas in place of coffee every day, an exponential increase in fresh veggie intake, scrubbing cupboards like it’s the latest workout fad, and being¬†completely stressed out. (I think it’s mostly the eating habits that have contributed to the weight loss, but you never know how much of a role stress can play.) And my already non-perfect jeans¬†were not fitting at all anymore. At all! It looked like I was¬†a little kid trying to sit at the grown-up table, draping myself in way-too-big jeans. Belts weren’t helping much, because what can they do besides cinch in acres of extra fabric?, and honestly,¬†my whole ‘Dad Jeans’ look¬†started to bother me enough that I decided to go shopping. Yes, it was that big a¬†deal to me.

Actually, I started off by thinking I could have my current jeans altered, because I imagined that a little stitch here or there would tighten up the waist enough to make the pants wearable again and would also cost less than buying totally new jeans. This was not the case. (Maybe if I knew anything about sewing, I would have known this in advance?)

I went into an alterations shop, where I was¬†told that I could either pay $35 to have them take the waist in (but have the back pockets essentially¬†overlapping each other in a faux fan effect), or I could put that $35 towards new jeans that actually fit me. I’m happy they gave me the option instead of just taking my money and making my jeans look even more ridiculous (who wants a uni-pocket in the back?), so a-jeans shopping I went.

The jeans I ended up looking at had a 2% spandex content, so I was told by the sales clerk to shop for something smaller than I thought I should be¬†wearing. She explained that they would stretch about a half inch in the waist, and unless I bought a pair that was borderline too tight in the store, I would end up wearing jeans with a bowl waist in a matter of time. And then it would be back to hiking up my pants with a belt in vain. Does this strategy seem counterintuitive to anybody besides me? There I was in the fitting room, squeezing myself into daringly skinny jeans, feeling like a¬†self-conscious sausage, but then being told by the sales lady that the jeans would eventually fit me perfectly. Any jeans I tried on in the store¬†that actually felt decent were waved off immediately. ‘They’ll become too big for you’,¬†the lady¬†said in all seriousness. ‘Go with the smaller pair. As long as you can squat down and still touch your toes OK, you’ll be fine.’


So I bought a pair of¬†too-small jeans! (Such a push over.) They are way tighter than I would ever normally wear my jeans, but I keep trying to tell myself that they’ll stretch out and eventually (hopefully!!) fit me just right. Have any of you bought a smaller pair of jeans for the same reason? Does it actually work? Or do you end up walking around in too-tight jeans for eternity, feeling like a sucker for¬†believing all this nonsense about stretching waistlines and such?

8 responses

  1. As a totally unsophisticated male clothes shopper, I can share this with you: I go to a fantastic and cheap store with terrific variety and selection with such low prices that if it turns out I’m not happy, the loss is very little.
    High-five to the VV Boutique !
    I do recall being told new jeans will stretch a bit, but that only applied to those that hadn‚Äôt been pre-washed. So, ….

  2. jeans most definitely stretch out as you wear them. there’s a limit as to HOW small you want to go. i usually find a pair that fit exactly how i want my jeans to fit, and then go one size smaller than that. Some people go 2 sizes smaller but i’m not that daring.

    btw, i have a horrible time finding any pants that fit me properly (not just jeans), prob because i’m built like a prepubescent. once i find a pair that fit well, i buy it, regardless of the price, and pick up an extra set also.

  3. Any sort of pants/shorts shopping is not my forte. Fashion hates me because I am short. Aside from that, I have in the past bought “tighter” jeans and usually regret it. They stretch, but not enough to actually feel comfortable when my entire day job is to sit on my ass. It gets a bit bunchy in the um, sensitive areas and thighs. Unless of course, you continue this wonderful lifestyle of yours and you lose more weight, then the jeans you just bought will be perfect!

  4. Hey Dana,
    In my experience, your saleslady is correct. I’ve gone through this particluar hell several times with no helpful sales staff. I’m wearing a successful pair right now, but I was extremely suspicious the first time I experimented.
    (I de-lurk for the important stuff, apparently.)

  5. I agree – I’ve bought two pairs that were tighter than I was comfy with but now they look and feel great. I get my jeans at the “Street” store downtown on Government Street – they have awesome stuff.

  6. Hmm… I just wonder how long it will take before they start feeling great. A few hours of walking around? A few washes? Weeks? Months?? It’s not like they are saran wrapped onto my legs right now, but they are definitely a lot um, snugger, than I am used to!

    I bought one size down from the size that felt perfect in the store– these sizes went by waist measurement (28, 29, 30, etc.) and not by numbers (6, 8, 10, etc.), so hopefully they’ll work out. (Also, the jeans I had before these new ones came from the same store– different style, though– and after a while, it felt like I was wearing clown overalls with a hula-hoop through the waistband. They definitely stretched. Let’s hope these new ones stretch a bit, too.)

    It just doesn’t make sense to me to buy things that don’t fit properly in the fitting room… How can you be certain that they will fit right, ‘eventually’? Or when ‘eventually’ even is??

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