The Week of Me: Day One

After a month or so of morphing into an anxiety-ridden stress ball, I have been ordered (by a certified professional– my awesome doctor) to take a precious week off work and to fill this week with hardcore Me Time. Today is Day One!

I actually resisted the idea of a leave at first, feeling defeated and like a complete failure for not being able to deal with things and to soldier on as I always do. But then a sense of curiosity and adventure overtook me. What could I do during a week devoted to relaxation and unwinding? And what’s one week in the scope of a whole lifetime of work? So here I am today, blogging in the middle of the afternoon! On a week day!!

There are a number of rules to play by during my week off. Contrary to what you might think, this is not a free-for-all shindig where I can do WHATEVER THE HELL I FEEL LIKE DOING. But actually, the reason why the rules are in place is not to limit my freedom or to curb a quickly-accelerating sense of reckless abandon. Nope: my doctor set rules to ensure that I don’t wake up in the morning and default to my regular routines, which lately involve damage control, trying not to fall apart, and feeling guilty for not being able to save the world.

Rule Number One is that this week is about me. It’s not about wondering if my workplace can possibly survive without me there, filling my indispensable role and performing my critically essential duties. (Ha.) It’s not about working all week at the Harbour, either, or unpacking boxes in our new place from dawn until dusk. I can do any (or all) of these things for a little while if I feel like it during my Week of Me, but work related things are absolutely not to consume me. At least for one week.

Rule Number Two is that I am to construct a list. This list should contain fun things that I have been wanting or intending to do for some time but have ‘not gotten around to’ doing just yet. It will also comprise things that I am thankful for and already have in my life as resources.

Rule Number Three is that my list from above should include “Sleep”, “Rest”, and “Nothing in Particular” under my Things To Do, so that even if I am not doing eleventy million things every day, I will still be able to cross something off the list and to feel like I am accomplishing something. (Clever man, my doctor).

Rule Number Four is that I am to count the number of pina coladas I drink during my week off and to report the total number back to my doctor. (I am not sure if he was joking about this item or not– he could very well have prescribed me a week full of tropical beverages in all seriousness.)

So it’s Day One as I mentioned, and my progress has been okay. I started my day off by unpacking things and then running an errand for a friend from the Harbour– not exactly ‘unwinding’ but these old habits die hard, right? In the afternoon, I rode my bike along Dallas Road in the sunshine, had sushi for lunch while reading a book, and then I went to the library for another book. The afternoon was capped off with a totally unexpected but very welcomed visit from a friend and her dog. I socialized! (Go, me!)

Some things I would like to do during this week off include: getting a pedicure from my aunt, reading my new library book, finding a good recipe for ginger molasses cookies and then baking them (suggestions are welcome), blogging, stopping by the Ted Harrison studio/gallery just because I can, riding my bike on nice days, hiking with Marty if he can peel himself away from the Harbour for an afternoon, visiting with Robertine’s owner (because we haven’t even seen her since Robertina passed away), going through some boxes so it doesn’t feel so cluttered inside our place, and maybe taking a yoga or fitness class somewhere (I know– so specific!). I might also drag Marty to the Blue Nile restaurant for some finger-licking Ethiopian food for good measure. This could be fun! 🙂

5 responses

  1. Enjoy your week Dana.
    I know if it was me, I would be sure to have some afternoon naps. I am a big believer in their restorative ability, just from an ’emotional processing’ point of view.
    Sleep and dreams are our chance to digest issues that may not get all the thought time possible in our often seemingly bombarded waking hours.

  2. I love that you were instructed to put things on your list like rest, so that you get to cross them off. Your doctor understands us neurotics! ENJOY

    I’ve got a week like this lined up for me coming up, your list and your doctor’s is quite helpful – pina coladas?

  3. That is superb. The weekend was so beautiful too. I recommend a lot of walks too because Fernwood is a beautiful neighbourhood full of quirkyness.

    Also, I MADE GINGER MOLASSES COOKIES this weekend – I can totally give you my recipe. It’s the type that you need cookie cutters for. Or I have a recipe that’s the ginger snap type too if you were interested in that one. Lots of little blobs of dough to roll into tiny balls and rolled in sugar! Let me know and you can be making loads of cookies for the week! 🙂

    Enjoy the time off. Your doctor is fabulous. I am jealous. 🙂

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