Nose to the Grindstone

Well, the Week of Me was extended into the Fortnight of Me. Thank goodness for that! Even though I technically could have returned to work this past Monday, it was decided that one more week of unwinding wouldn’t hurt anybody, let alone me. So I’m still at home. Can I tell you again how much I love my awesome doctor?

Last week was all about making lists and making a conscious effort to do something relaxing every day. This week, there are no such lists. Marty and I have been working hard to get things unpacked and in order in our new place; I still need to do our dreaded taxes (and time is definitely ticking!); and mostly, I just want to be able to return to work feeling like I have completed a whole lot of errands. But it’s not stressing me out this time around. I’m actually feeling good about getting work done. I am accomplishing things at home! Go, me!!

Having this time off work has been such a blessing for me. I was thinking about it yesterday, and I’ve only actually worked three legitimate days of work this month. A PALTRY THREE!! But even though April was pretty much a write off in terms of my production, I honestly think that it will pay off big time in the long run. I think I will be more focused, more motivated, and less scattered/basket case-ish. Everything in my personal life was just weighing on me and wearing me down before, but having the opportunity to step away for a few weeks has allowed me to rejuvenate and put things in perspective. Everything will be OK.

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