My Biological Clock Is Broken

Is it wrong to love dogs more than babies? Sometimes it feels that way. As a woman, shouldn’t I be hankering to reproduce? Shouldn’t the mere sight of a newborn cause my uterus to twitch and my heart to melt?

It doesn’t.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Sure, I can appreciate babies from a distance and I have been known, on occasion, to even fawn over particular, ultra-special babies and children. (Like my niece. God, is she ever cute!) But for the most part, kids just don’t do it for me.  A confession: something I am consciously, specifically thankful for on a daily basis is the fact that Marty and I do not have kids. Go figure.

Dogs, on the other hand, are a totally different story. I have been going through major Robertina withdrawal since March, and I have found myself craving the feel and smell of dog fur. Call me crazy, but it’s true. (Even the dreams I have had of Robertina so far just involve us lying together in a sunbeam on the ground. I pet her ears, her head, and her side. She just breathes and relaxes. I need to feel the fur.)

Working down on the causeway, we see a whole lot of babies and a whole lot of dogs. Guess which ones I accost and fondle exclusively? Thank goodness the answer is dogs, because otherwise that would be creepy and most likely against the law. 🙂 I. Love. Dogs!!

We’re not really in a position to have a dog of our own right now, so I’m glad that so many dogs come down to the harbour to help me get my fix. We have seen big dogs (our favourites), small dogs, dark dogs, light dogs, old dogs, young pups– all sorts of dogs! For the most part, the owners will oblige me and let me pet their dogs if I ask. Most owners will even turn their heads politely when I snuggle right up to their dogs and deeply inhale the smell of their fur. (Thank Jesus for that! They have no idea how much I need that contact.)

I just feel like a bit of an oddball when I compare myself to the Archetypal Woman Figure, or even to some of my friends (many of whom are awesome parents or at least aspire to be parents some day). Should I not be obsessing over children and making concrete plans to have some of my own? Because I’m not. Me around babies? A tepid and awkward combination at best. Me around dogs, though? See me reduced to a giddy mess– cooing, cuddling, petting, and all-around loving. Perhaps I require professional help.

Marty is the same. Dogs = Bliss. This picture just OOZES love to me.

6 responses

  1. Boy, can I relate to this! I think it has to do with the instantaneous primal connection with the little beasts who often are completely uninhibited in returning affection to us.
    Babies on the other hand, are almost always in some kind of state of restraint. My favourite is the near-toddlers in strollers who are taking in the world wide-eyed and will make eye contact and hold it in lock as they roll on by.
    There’s just way more chance for interaction with the pooches on leashes whose owners get used to stopping every ten feet.

  2. Bless the hearts of those who don’t take it for granted that it is our civic duty to reproduce, like kids are printing paper or something! People, but especially women, are hyper abnormalized (it’s a word) if thoughts of children aren’t visibly springing from their loins.

    Yay for stranger’s dogs, and fur!

  3. Oh. My. God. OHMIGOD.
    We need to talk girl. We are going through the exact same thing right now!! We aren’t baby people either and it’s making us mental that we feel like “there is something wrong with us”!! Even though there isn’t at all, just remember what is best for you and Marty and go with it. That’s what we’re doing anyway……

    My best friend said to me once as we were walking past a bunch of dogs, “I love dogs. It’s like they’re all going to the same party.”

  4. I have friends and cousins popping kids right left and centre around me. No babies for me though thank you. I’ve teased my friends plenty of times that if ever have kids, it’s because I got knocked up. However, I know my body enough (Hopefully! Fingers crossed!) that that will never happen.

    Don’t let the pressure get to you. I know plenty of couples who never plan on having kids. And if you decide much much later that you do want a child, that’s fine too. It’s what you guys want. Not what the world/family/friends/stereotypes is telling you.

  5. 🙂 I think there are a few people out there you can relate to on this topic. You guys are always welcome for a fly by whippet snuggle any time. Just call/email and we’ll pop by.

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