Nice Things

For the most part, I am a thrift store pro. Throughout the years, I have discovered many flattering finds at more than reasonable prices, and I take pride in the fact that most of my cool clothes are second hand. I can totally rock the vintage chic look.

Vintage dress, long since re-donated

There’s also something to be said about the circle of life when it comes to clothing, right? I like being able to take on somebody else’s wardrobe when they tire or grow out of it, and there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with donating clothes from my own closet when I no longer wear or need them. Kumbaya, let’s all recycle our clothing!

Classy pullover with crown detail. In storage still, perhaps?

There are certain things, though– the *really nice things*– that can only be purchased new. Shoes fall into this category for me, for the most part (though I have been known to snatch up a gently used pair of Ladies Size 10 shoes if and when I ever find them). Bras and underwear are definite ‘new only’ purchases in my books. And sometimes– only sometimes– I buy nice things from a regular store at full price, just because I can’t bear the thought of them selling out of my size if I take a chance and wait for it to go on sale. Caught in the act of guilty consumerism.

Marty's beloved Fluevogs

That said… I just bought the most beautiful dress yesterday. It was not from a thrift store and it was not on sale. But oh, it is so pretty!

My weathered old harbour hand is also pictured here with the dress just to mix things up. I am suffering from a rather drastic hand tan already. Can't wait to see what they look like come September... beef jerky?

The dress is the colour of liquid chocolate, or perhaps a really rich ginger cookie, chock full of molasses (just the way I like them!) It fits like the world’s most flattering glove. It is embroidered and beaded. So dazzling, but yet so understated! It is feminine and form-fitting, and the simple act of trying it on in the store made me feel like a jillionairess (i.e. an heiress to a fortune worth jillions). It was that good.

In a word: the dress is p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

The funny thing is, I also ended up buying strappy shoes to match. By definition, I am not a strappy shoe wearer. Especially when said strappy shoes are heeled and are a metallic champagne colour!

Eep! Heels!!

I felt like a clumsy ogre trying to stuff my man-feet into such delicate summer sandals, and the sorry-assed remnants of my pedicure in April didn’t help.

I promise I will not wear these shoes out in public like this.

Once the shoes and the dress were on together in the fitting room, however, I couldn’t deny how smoking hot they looked. It’s like they were made for each other. Va-va-voom! So now, I am the proud owner of a new dress and my first pair of:

– heels

– strappy summer sandals

– metallic-hued anythings

All at once! Go, me!

I know it seems ridiculous for me to just up and buy an outfit that is wholly impractical for the current lifestyle I lead. After all, I am certainly not going to wear my achingly gorgeous new dress (or my new high-heeled sandals, for that matter!) down to the harbour.

I actually bought the outfit with the future in mind.

You see, I am 100 percent positive that I will need a classy but head-turning dress for some ritzy art event in the near-ish future. Marty’s artwork is going places, I tell you. I am certain of this. There will be well-to-dos and good-to-knows at this still-unknown event– and when that date and moment arrives, we’ll (or at least I’ll) be ready. I can see my outfit and hair (and perhaps even makeup!) so clearly now, it’s like this life-defining, career-propelling moment has already happened. Wait for it, and then expect an ‘I told you so’. Because I’m classy like that. (Chipped nail polish not included.)

3 responses

  1. I can’t wait for the post about when you wear this outfit out to a big, successful event for Marty!
    I feel weird too when I stuff my feet into heels, I never wear them either. But they do make you feel good don’t they??

  2. there is nothing wrong in having a few “grown-up” items. After all, when the times comes, you don’t want to have to rush out and buy something you feel hideous in – it’d ruin the whole fun!

    did I tell you that 3 years ago, I bought a tankini that I felt would be appropriately feminine but conservative in case I ever went on vacation with my (imaginary) boyfriend’s family?

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