It’s On!

Don’t let the exclamation point in the title fool you– what I am embarking on with Jabba is not fun or exciting or glamorous or easy. To the contrary: this journey will most likely involve sweats, chills, teeth gnashing, headaches, and days of being ultra bitchy. I can’t wait! 🙂

My sugar consumption is at an all-time high, and so many things related to that– the mood swings, the health implications, the cost of cupcakes, the pants not fitting– are disheartening and depressing. But lo! Jabba has graciously offered me a helping hand and has agreed to be my Quit-Sugar Buddy. I’m pretty sure she’s starting off with a huge advantage over me (because I can’t really picture her blindly devouring any/all sweets right now like she’s a stray dog who’s just found some scraps of meat after days of wandering in a dusty desert), but any buddy is a buddy, right? Her solidarity will help me when all I want to do is order a triple-sweet, extra-syrupy confection of sorts, and my stalwart dedication to the cause will encourage her to back away from those flirtatious cookies– they’ll only cause her trouble.

In case you are wondering: We are not cutting sugar out cold turkey. Are you crazy?! I work at the harbour every day and have to adopt at least a semblance of cheer and chipper customer care while I’m there. The last thing I need to do is lash out at somebody like a rabid wolf when one of my hankerings hits me. I’m sure that would be great for sales! But seriously: we are easing into things, setting realistic goals, and fostering a supportive line of communication between us. We can do this! Just gradually. Eventually.

Today is our first day– a ‘no sugar’ day (which will be alternated with a ‘some sugar is OK’ day). Because I hold a doctorate degree in Defeating The Purpose, yesterday I ran around like a hen in heat (do hens even go through heat?), trying to cram in as much sugar as I possibly could. (Luckily, it was a Sunday and also the day of an art event in sleepy Oak Bay, so there were very few sweets to be had.) Today, I’m managing just fine without the sugar, though occasionally an alarm bell will ring in my head that says “BUT WHAT ABOUT SUGAR? WHAT IF YOU CAN NEVER EAT SUGAR AGAIN?”, and I panic a bit. Most of my sugar addiction is psychological, I’m sure of it, so most of my time on this journey will be spent grappling with things like feelings, comfortable social habits, and sometimes, plain old boredom. That’s just how it is, but like I say– today is Day One and I’m doing OK!!

3 responses

  1. Not wanting to throw a monkey wrench in your effort, but I want to ask if you have ever had chocolate-coated pretzels?
    The reason I ask is because sharing a sugar addiction, I have come to feel that the worst of it can be just that it leaves one’s stomach obviously feeling overly .. ‘sweet’ (duh), to the point of some kind of excess enzyme/acid overload. I don’t know.
    But the thing with the pretzels, which Nestle’s made a few years ago, called Flipz, was there was an even (if possible) greater addictive effect where the sweetness was balanced out with saltiness. Something about that seemed ‘chemically correct’ and I would wolf down a whole bag in one shot.
    Unfortunately they have disappeared from the store shelves, but I still think of how the stomach chemistry was what mattered most and the taste buds knew it.

  2. Okay… obviously don’t know Brad’s nickname for me: Goat.
    The goat who eats any sugary goodness that arrives in the house as soon as it crosses the threshold. The goat who can’t let a sweet yummy sit in the house for more than one or two days before devouring the entire thing.

    So the other thing that seems to crave my craving (especially when it’s strongest in the middle of the afternoon or after dinner) is cherries. Fresh cherries. Seriously so sweet and so good and they are in season. Do. It.

    So far, so good. We’ll see what this weekend has in store for us and how we’re feeling on Monday.

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