Unclear on the Concept

First of all: man!! August is totally kicking my ass! We have been putting in extremely long days and nights at the Harbour, so many of the other things we enjoy doing (eating, sleeping, blogging, exploring, having fun) have been put on hold until things simmer down on the causeway. It’s a good thing to be so bustling, I suppose, but I am really looking forward to October! Hibernation time! 🙂

Secondly: sugar intake. Jabba and I have done two weeks so far. Initially, the plan was to alternate sugar days with no sugar days so that we were tapering down our sugar intake gradually and smartly. It seems, however, that I am not so good with sticking to plans or rules of any sort, so I’ve kind of derailed from the plan and have since made up my own rules. I blame being so busy on the causeway for my total ineptitude.

You see, we sort of depend on the Noodle Box for sustenance during the summer. And by this, I mean that we order takeout from the Noodle Box every single day. We are beyond beating ourselves up for this– yes, it’s way cheaper and healthier to buy and make your own food at home, but it’s just too crazy to prep food on top of all the other prep work we do every morning and evening when we’re not on the causeway. So we eat a lot of stir fries.

I usually get a teriyaki box, which I’m sure is loaded with sugar to sweeten the sauce. (I can’t pinpoint exactly how much sugar is in the teriyaki, but I’m guessing the amount is substantial.) Anyway. Because I’m eating the sauce practically every day, there were no days last week when I wasn’t eating some amount of sugar. To compensate for this, I decided to cut out any desserts or treats of any sort. No chocolate, no baked goods, no candies, no items off the dessert menu. My only sugar is the teriyaki sauce for dinner and the occasional piece of inari (sweetened tofu pocket) for lunch.

I’m doing much better this week, even if my schedule has sort of changed since Week 1. I’ve been much less grumpy, my energy levels have been more stable (if low), and I ‘lost’ the phantom 3 pounds that I supposedly gained during my first week of cutting down sugar intake. So I’m back at square one, essentially. (NB: For the record, I have still gained 5 pounds since starting at the Harbour in June. But my jeans still fit… just a little bit snugger than they did in June.)

I’m actually pretty proud of myself for cutting out as much sugar as I have. It is not easy avoiding sugar when you’re hardly cooking any of your own meals, but at least I’ve taken out the obvious sugar sources, right? (Cupcakes, I’m talking to you!) Maybe when things are less hectic at work, I can focus more on sticking to the prescribed Day On/Day Off regime, but in the meantime, I’m soldiering on with my new plan of action. And succeeding! (Sort of.)

9 responses

  1. Are you joking? The only sugar intake you’ve been having is teriyaki sauce?! That’s fantastic! And anyway, we decided that we weren’t going to eliminate sauces like hoisin and ketchup so I think it’s fine.

    Last week I skipped three days when we were allowed either dessert or a small sugar item. What the hell? It was weird……..I didn’t have a totally intense craving at all.

    The weekend on the other hand, I used my dessert choices well – an ice cream cone one day and creme brulee another. Creme brulee – what better dessert is there?! And it was RUM CINNAMON.

    Okay I’ll stop.

    • Yeah, there have been days where I totally feel like chocolate or something, but I’m not overcome with intense cravings like I thought I would be. Perhaps the teriyaki is satisfying my sweet tooth? (Against all odds!)

      You know, I’ve never had creme brulee in my life. Never!! And now that dairy makes my intestines explode, I’m thinking that I’ll never get around to trying it. Too much pain and suffering. But excellent choices for your weekend indulgences! 🙂

  2. There was a good story about a weight-loss study in the news yesterday. It showed that simply drinking a glass or two of water before each meal resulted in eating less (because of a fuller stomach) and significant drop in weight, relatively quickly over a few weeks.
    Makes sense, and likely contributes to better digestion.

    • No no no!!! Drinking too much water (or anything else) before a meal can actually impede digestion, because it dilutes the gastric acid needed to break food down in the stomach. I’m all for fluid intake, but I usually try to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour after drinking before I eat a meal or snack. Just my two cents.

  3. I regret that I too enjoy the sweet sauce (tricky Asian food!) but think it’s much better than ingesting something purely for its sweet goodness, which I also do all the time. Sounds like you’re doing fantastically to me.

  4. You and Jabba are doing fantastic! Sugar is such a hard thing to cut out of your diet – especially when you eat out. You’ll find a way to cut the terryaki out, one noodlebox at a time….

    And I agree with you Dana that drinking before eating dilute digestive juices and impedes digestion!

    See you soon, friend.

    • Guess the case can be made for poorer digestion with the water, but it appears it does work for reducing intake and losing weight.
      I’ve heard it said that often when we bellieve we are hungry, it is actually thirst.

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