Mind Games

Has it been three weeks already? Jabba and I started our little experiment with cutting down sugar three weeks ago, and so far I think the project has been wildly successful. I’m still on a teriyaki IV for all intents and purposes until about… October, methinks… but over two weeks have gone by now without me eating any blatant sweets: baked goods, chocolate, candy, syrupy drinks, etc. The simple fact that I have not touched my remaining Dark Mint bars from the Rogers’ Chocolate Factory tour is a miracle in itself. I rock! 🙂

The (mostly evil, conspicuously undecided) bathroom scale alternates between telling me that I have lost a pound and/or gained a half pound in these past three weeks. Stupid scale. Numbers aside, though, my body feels a little more lithe these days. Sugar tends to huddle around my belly or inner thighs, and even though my jeans are still feeling a tad on the snug side, they definitely aren’t in the desperately-painted-on phase that they were mid-July. (Classy!)

My tendency to crave sugar whenever I’m bored has been in the spotlight since embarking on this journey. Seriously. It doesn’t feel like I should even have time to be bored lately, especially given the frenetic pace of August since Day One.  However, whenever there is a slight lull in pace, I find myself automatically thinking of something sweet. It’s like a reflex!

Seeing as this project is not an(other) exercise in feeling bad or beating myself up, I’ve told myself that if I really, truly desire something sugary, I can have it. But! Before I can indulge in whatever concoction tickles my fleeting fancy, I have to honestly answer the following question:

Am I feeling bored (or tired, or frustrated, or anything other than cheerful)?

If the answer is yes, I probably don’t really want the sugar– I just want to do something to alleviate my boredom. I’m amazed at how effective running little errands (post office, bank, coffee for Marty) is at quashing my sugar cravings. I don’t even have to eat anything to overcome the craving– I just have to move my body a bit. How did I not notice this for 29 years? Drinking copious amounts of water and tea has also helped a lot– just not too soon before a meal. 😉

So far, I haven’t been able to honestly say, ‘No, I’m not bored or tired or grumpy or testy– I just need a damn cupcake.’ That means that there have been no cupcakes to speak of in the past little while, even though I’ve given myself that permission to indulge if needed. Maybe when I return to civilization and start reconnecting with long-lost friends in real life, I will find legitimate social reasons to eat something sweet, but as it stands right now, I seem to be fine on my steady diet of sushi and teriyaki sauce. (Only 1.5 months left until Thanksgiving and my triumphant reunion with fresh produce and my kitchen appliances!)

3 responses

  1. We all know those ectomorphs (skinny folk) who can eat as much as they want and never put on weight. For this reason I am convinced it is all about metabolism. It’s even been shown that by only reducing food intake, we can actually gain weight as our body reacts to the ‘famine’ prospect.
    I can proudly say I have lost ten of the twenty pounds I wanted this summer (so far) by walking the daily round-trip from home to work and eating more nut/dried fruit snacks through the day.
    Now, I bet if I also ran everyday I could eat even more.

  2. Yay! I’ve been doing pretty good too – at least I don’t find myself in the fetal position riding out sugar cravings. On our ‘Dessert Days’ I sometimes indulge, sometimes not.

    We went out for an anniversary dinner and I had creme brulee but I saved myself up for it for days beforehand.

    I think the key to cutting out sugar from your diet seems to be this: do it in moderation. Cold turkey does. not. work. Hear this naturopaths of the world!!

    I eat when I’m bored too! Next time, I’ll go for a walk or something instead.

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