Sweet Tooth Check In

If y’all can believe it, Jabba and I are coming up to two months on our fabulous sugar-reduction journey! It’s incredible, really (how time flies; the sugar-reduction part of the journey has just been okay.) I guess I’ve been a half-assed buddy on this project. I’ve been so busy over the past few months that I’ve rarely had the opportunity to check in with Jabba directly and to see how she’s doing. Mostly, I’ve just been sneaking in a blog post or two about my own experiences and trusting that she will read them and comment/give feedback as needed. I’m a great buddy, no? 🙂

From my perspective, even though Jabba and I don’t see each other every day (or ever, really), and even though we’re not down each other’s throats all the time to check for any possible sugar residue, having a buddy at all has been great for me. I know that Jabba would be way more forgiving than furious about any of my sugar intake, but even just knowing that she’s my buddy has given me good motivation to skip over any unnecessary sweets. What would Jabba think of this? has been my new motto. (In real life, Jabba might think ‘YUM, SUGAR- EAT IT ALL!,’ but my imaginary sugar-reduction buddy Jabba would give me a ‘is this really necessary?’ look if I pointed excitedly at a strawberry tart. Apparently, this imaginary look is all I need. Real buddy + imaginary buddy reactions = recipe for sugar-reduction success!)

Anyway. I’m doing pretty awesome with my sugar intake, if I do say so myself. With the Harbour season winding down, my consumption of teriyaki sauce has decreased significantly, and I’m still totally off of blatant sweet things (save for the two or three sticks of Panda licorice I’ve eaten over the past month and some. Molasses and fennel can’t be so bad, right?) I’ve had a few pieces of toast with honey and have sweetened the occasional cup of tea with a drizzle of honey, too, but everything else has been pretty much free of added sugar or sweetener. Pretty good, methinks. The cupcakery must be wondering where I’ve jetted off to, after weeks of my unwavering patronage, and yes: my Dark Mint bars from the chocolate factory tour are still in tact! (Unfortunately, the jar of peanut butter in the cupboard has not fared so well. I’ve been eating that by the spoonful. You win some, you lose some.)

I was pretty focused for the first few weeks on following a particular regimen (day on, day off, etc.), but ever so gradually, I’ve settled into a new routine that doesn’t involve being hyper-alert about my sugar intake all the time. I have no idea whether today is technically supposed to be an On Sugar day or an Off Sugar one. Meh. I still catch myself automatically thinking about sweet things in certain situations, but as far as my actual eating actions are concerned, it hasn’t been a big deal or full-length dramatic episode every time I’ve encountered something with sugar in it. I’ve relaxed a lot more into this project.

Being relaxed and even a bit nonchalant about my sugar intake right now is my biggest success, I think. Too often, I discipline or micromanage myself to the point where things aren’t fun anymore, and I end up rebelling. (Yes, I rebel against myself!) It’s difficult for me to establish balance with certain things– sugar-intake especially– and my teens and twenties were a painful series of jumping back and forth between full-on gorging myself with sugar and completely denying myself even a granule of sugar. Not healthy at all. So to get to a position where I can eat honey on my toast and know that it doesn’t spell automatic D-O-O-M for the rest of the sugar-reduction project feels pretty good. What a relief! It’s also relieving to know that I’m not the only person in this situation– either somebody with an addictive sweet tooth or somebody attempting to overcome one. It sounds totally cheesy and cliché to say so, but it really helps to know that I’m not alone!

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  1. YAY for the buddy system! It’s helped me a lot too. Yesterday we went to Save-On to get a 3:00 snack and I walked out with a loaf of bread that I was supposed to get on the way home. The thought of something sugary made my stomach turn!

    I’m still using my dessert days, but then like you I’m not even sure when they are anymore. I just know that I don’t have ‘dessert items’ more than twice a week now.

    According to my naturopath, honey is totally fine and I could have it so I’ve been all over the honey too. I’m used to having it in my coffee now.

    Oh and the other night a friend brought over a cake for dessert and I had a slice as a ‘dessert item’ and it was WAY too sweet. I felt almost sick afterwards.

    So here’s to a successful sugar-eliminating-buddy-project!

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