Lucky Sevens

I’m taking this opportunity to highlight some of my favourite posts, including ones that might have been missed or overlooked by newer readers:

1. Most Beautiful

“Beautiful” isn’t usually a word I would use to describe my own writing, but if I had to choose my most beautiful-ish post, it would probably be Are You There, Margaret? It’s Me: God. A post about love should never be ugly, right?

2. Most Popular

One would think that my Freshly Pressed Post, Crying (and Cursing) Over Spilled Milk— in which I outlined the trials and tribulations of making almond milk for the first time– would be my most popular. Surprisingly, it is not. Rather, an otherwise nondescript post about ugly Christmas sweaters crushes the entire competition. In Search of the World’s Worst Christmas Sweater has nearly 4 times as many hits as any other post on my blog, including my Freshly Pressed post. Most of the search engine terms that lead people to my blog also have to do with ugly and horrific Christmas sweaters. Go figure.

A bit of sparkle from a gigantic Ugly Christmas Sweater I borrowed from a colleague. Unfortunately, it reeked of Bounce sheets and gave both Marty and I allergies. We couldn’t even wear it as a joke. 😦

3. Most Controversial

I have two categories of controversial posts– the first category deals with issues of censorship and the boundaries around what we choose to share online. A Visit from the Overshare Fairy chronicles the fallout of posting a little bit too much information about myself on the internet.

The second category of controversy is controversial only because it contains graphic details about a circumstance which many women face, but few women talk about openly: miscarriage. My This Day In History series– parts One, Two, and Three— address the messy range of emotions that Marty and I faced when we lost a pregnancy back in 2006.

Not me– this is my sis when she was pregnant with our niece, Lily

4. Most Helpful

In case you haven’t noticed, my primary objective on this blog is not necessarily to be helpful. I write mostly to entertain (or be entertained), but one of my posts inadvertently became helpful to others and continues to generate a lot of ‘thank you’ e-mails. Chlorella: Superfood, My Ass! was originally written as a flippant, eff-you homage to the nutritional supplement that renders me paralyzed with projectile vomit. It’s not an especially well-written post by any means, but lots of people have since discovered it and written me privately to say thank you– either for naming the substance that was causing them severe GI distress or for simply acknowledging that not everyone does well on so-called superfoods. (So in case you were wondering, helpful posts can have the word “Ass” in the title. Who knew?)

5. Most Surprisingly Successful

The post that continues to garner many surprising hits (although not new comments) was written way back in 2008. Talk to the Hand recounts my experience visiting a palm reader at our local mall. If my site stats and search engine terms are any indication, lots and lots of people take to the internet to learn more about mysterious beauty marks on their palms. Hence, if you need to boost traffic to your blog, might I suggest writing about finding the ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ line on your palms? And vomit– lots and lots of projectile vomit. 🙂

6. Most Underrated

It must be a Universal Blogging Experience: you write a new post, congratulate yourself for your expert use of prose and scintillating adjectives, and then hit ‘Publish’– fully expecting a tsunami of Online Fandom to come crashing down in your comments section. But it doesn’t. To make matters worse, not only are you not ravaged by a destructive gale-force wind of admiration, but you also don’t even seem to make a ripple in the blogosphere. Maybe one person comments on your post… out of pity. The rest of your readers are already on to the next blogging sensation, and your Fantastic Post dies a quiet death in a lonely corner, all by itself.

The post I would like to offer up for your resurrection consideration is The Most Important Evening of Our Lives, in which I fail miserably as a wife, hairdresser, and a general human being.

At least *my* hair looked good on The Most Important Evening of Our Lives

7. Most Worthy of Pride

It probably seems a little strange, but I’m really proud of a post I wrote about eggs. The Dirty Dozen: My Initiation Into A Life of Crime came together effortlessly and incorporated all three of the essential ingredients in any winning post: hippies, Hollywood, and the Russian mafia. Every time I see this title in my “Your Recent Favourites” sidebar, I foolishly beam with the pride of a mother who has just watched her little Johnny hit a home run in a T-ball game. Other moms might not think my Johnny is a big deal, but I’m proud all the same. 🙂


14 responses

  1. Wow, Dana, I had forgotten about this. But thanks for the shout-out. You are so sweet to follow through now that the harbor season is over. And you have nominated 3 of my favorite bloggers–Rose, Robin, and Paul–can’t wait to check out the others. Happy holidays to you you and Marty from me and Sara.

    • Thanks, Kathy! I’m still relentlessly behind on so many things, but it feels good to finally acknowledge your shout-out and do my own Seven Links post. All the best of the season to you and Sara! 🙂

  2. First, thank you so much for another wonderful shout out. I’m honoured. Your blog has been such a source of inspiration (and paralyzing envy – in a good way, you’re just so darn good at it) that it means so much to me that you read my blog at all. I’ve also loved your retrospective and revisiting the ghosts of blogs pasts. I think your 3 posts about miscarriage are probably my favourite and am so glad you featured them here. Finally, that Dana as Deity photo at the outset is out of this world.

    • Thanks so much, Rose. I love reading your blog and am honoured to have you as both a virtual and real-life friend!

      I also appreciate your kind words about my miscarriage posts. I was going to put them as “Most Beautiful”, but I wasn’t sure if that would be appropriate or not. Thanks for the reassurance!

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  4. Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for nominating me, and with such a nice description of my blog too. I am touched and honored. 🙂

    I love that first photo. Yep. Love it.

    • Thanks, Robin– I always enjoy reading your blog, even when I get far, far behind on the posts! 🙂 That first photo was captured on a gorgeously foggy/sunny day a few winters ago. I should repost the closeup version of Marty’s face– he looks positively angelic!

  5. Oh this was fun to read (that’s how I discovered your past post about The Most Important Evening of Your Life.) If I have some time, I will try to remember to come back and click some more. We’ll see how the weekend goes… I found your blog through Robin and Kathy McCullough. I love it how the blogging world swirls us all together.

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  8. First of all, a very belated thank you for featuring me on this list!! I must admit that The Most Important Evening of Our Lives was one of my favorite posts. And I must ask – where did you get that dress from? It looks beautiful!! (and rest-assured that since we live so far away from each other, we’ll never have the embarrassing moment of being caught at the same party wearing the same dress. And even if that did happen, I’d be too excited at the fact that I’m getting to hang out with you in real life to even care).

    • Thanks, olive! Don’t know if you have a store called Le Chateau in the States. It’s where I got the dress, and even though lots of people make fun of the store and call it “Le Crapeau”, the dress is gorgeous and I’ve decided to OWN the fact that I bought it there. (It’s true that Le Chateau has a lot of bar star clothes and otherwise slutty attire, but every now and then they carry a winner, as was the case with this dress. It also came in white– too wedding-like– and navy.)

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