Sunday Signage: Lost!

Borrowing the idea from Robin at Life in the Bogs, I’m planning a series of short ‘n’ sweet posts about signs. Random, amusing, thought-provoking signs… and did I mention short posts? What’s not to love? 🙂

Without further adieu, here is the first installment:

We saw this sign posted on a hike across the Kinsol Trestle on Vancouver Island. I hope this person eventually found their keys and GPS, but something tells me that virginity is a more difficult entity to recover… (On a related note: thank goodness I’m not the only person clumsy/forgetful enough to lose my virginity! Not that it happened like that.)

27 responses

    • I smell a Green Jacket competition on the horizon, no? I’d be curious to see the video montage that Darla would create if she captured first prize again…

  1. It’s always amazing how people will deface almost anything – even this innocent sign. No wonder elevators are covered in steel these days. Give a person a ball point pen and just watch as the weirdness unfolds!

    • So true. An innocent sign in the middle of nowhere, too! Makes you wonder how other people’s minds work. Maybe I’m not clever enough, but I would never have thought to add the virginity part to a sign like this (defacing issues aside.)

  2. Based on the handwriting, I’ve deduced that it was written by a left-handed, 27-39 year old woman, possibly from Canada. That’s all that’s coming to me just by looking at the sign. hehe

    Maybe they should have had GPS tracking on all of those things! 🙂

    • Haha– what are you implying, MJ? [shifty eyes] OK, so I might fit the left-handed, 27-39 year old Canadian woman demographic, but I like to think my penmanship is a lot neater than that. (Plus, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, I’m secretly not clever enough to deface signs like this. Maybe I’m slow on the get go, but I would never have connected virginity with a Lost sign until I came across this gem on our hike. Lost signs will never be the same anymore.)

      • Hmm, I had actually forgotten you were left-handed (the best of us are, you know!). And maybe you made the handwriting bad on purpose?!?! hehe

        Seriously, I love the sign, and can’t believe you actually stumbled on it. It’s fantastic.

        • Shucks, maybe I’m not clever enough to even think to disguise my handwriting on defaced Lost signs, either. 😦 I must be smart in other ways, though. Right? [crickets chirping] Right??

          Glad you enjoyed the sign as much as I did, MJ. I love the randomness of it. 🙂

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