Sunday Signage: Pretty Please Stop Creeping Me Out

I’ve posted this sign before, when Marty and I had the terrible misfortune of taking an overnight bus from Victoria to Calgary in the days of yore (aka in March 2011). I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it begs an encore appearance, though, especially for my new(er) readers. Truly: You haven’t really lived until your retinas have been permanently burned with the image of the creepiest DIY sign ever. You can thank me later!

Spotted at the Greyhound Bus Depot in Chilliwack, BC:

What. The. HELL? This was one of about 20 handmade signs on the fence at the depot, all with the same general “Keep Out!” message. Dear Chilliwack Greyhound Workers: We get it. I’d never want to be on the creepy side of that fence, anyway.

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    • Haha– I love that word, “creeptastic!” I’ll see if I can dig up the other photo I took of the signs from afar. There were at least a dozen other handmade signs on that fence, but this one was definitely the most cringe-inducing. It took all of my nerve to step closer to that fence and get a close-up shot of this particular sign. All of my instincts were screaming “Run away!”, but I had to suppress them for the sake of this photo. 😉

    • I think it’s a cake pop from Starbucks. 🙂 (Now you know who actually eats those things– it’s the creepy, hand-drawn ladies from the bus depot in Chilliwack.)

  1. If read one way, may be a personal request for Pretty to stay out of there, and Pretty is identified in image with her lollipop.
    Just going for the obvious.
    Now the better question is why is Pretty not welcome there?

      • As a matter of fact, I am apprenticing under Patrick Jane and have been given the special task of rooting out a mysterious underworld character. The primary clues are his name posted on numerous public locations, with his street-tag in various renderings reading:
        I think I am close to cracking this one.

    • It’s even creepier when you encounter it in the middle of the night, having been forced off the Greyhound bus in the industrial heart of Chilliwack. You can trust me on this one.

    • It’s true, Dominique– the sign is really representative of the whole nighttime Greyhound experience. I just read the Hyperbole and a Half post about the Greyhound. SO BAD! We had a rough go of it on our journey, but thankfully, there were no molestations or epic battles between good and evil involved.

    • Like I said earlier, Christy, this creepy sign lady pretty much summed up the whole greyhound experience. If you get a chance to read the original post, please do. I don’t think I’ll ever take an overnight greyhound again, but I’ve got a great (in retrospect) tale to tell for the rest of my life now. 🙂

  2. OK, I love your introduction with the phrase “days of yore”. Don’t you hate it when you’re traveling and get creeped out by things like this? You brought back a particularly challenging memory of a night in a Rome airport.

    • I’ve always loved the word ‘yore’, and it’s even better when used in the context of ‘just last year’. 😉 Now I’m curious about your challenging memory in Rome. Part of me wants to hear it, but part of me would rather not be creeped out any further…

  3. Thanks for the re-share on this, Dana. I wasn’t in the blogging world until Aug 2011, so I missed the original.

    Um, the “girl with lollipop” looks more like something from bathroom stall graffiti. Truly disturbing. What about that sign would entice anyone to want to go into that area??

  4. I wonder if it was a high school art class project? “We need a dozen Keep-out signs down at the Greyhound station. You can put anything on it as long as it says ‘keep-out’ politely.”

    This is going to be the best art project ever!

    • Hey there! Good to see you back here, Melanie! Now I’ll have to head back over to your blog and see how the 100 days offline challenge went. 🙂

      The art project theory is probably pretty accurate. I can’t imagine a burly old Greyhound dude creating this sign, and if one did, well… that just upped the creep factor significantly. If it was a teenage girl, though, that changes the whole context completely!

  5. They’re just trying to make clear that if you hop the fence you’re likely to find yourself as the next human sacrifice offered up by Elvira there, the Queen of the Eternally Damned.

    • Yeah, I think you and I started following each other a little while after the original post. You’d *definitely* remember the sign if you’d seen it before. Talk about creepy! 🙂

    • You’d better watch it, Dean. Maybe your creepiness radar needs re-calibrating? I wouldn’t want you to be the only person who ignores the sign and then ends up being featured on “Dateline”. 😉

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