Sunday Signage: Your Name is WHAT?

This week’s edition of Sunday Signage comes courtesy of a rather unfortunately-named algae:

I expected “Rock Snot” to be a more popular name for babies, but I couldn’t seem to find it in even ONE baby name book! What gives?

Sign found in Bowness Park– Calgary, Alberta.

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    • Thanks, Kathy. Snot is such a gross word to begin with, so I feel for the poor algae being named after it. Ugh– I don’t think I have the stomach to even look it up online. The sign is bad enough.

    • Dean– nope! Aside from a few municipal logos on the bottom of the sign, this was it! I really wonder how it spreads and how to prevent it from spreading…

      • Wait a sec– what the heck am I talking about? A list of how to keep Alberta’s waters healthy clearly follows at the bottom of the sign, but unfortunately, I didn’t even capture it in my shot. Who cares how it’s spread or how to control it– all we need to know is that the name is ROCK SNOT!

    • Haha, Jabba. The sign was in Bowness Park in Calgary. When I was in town for my Grandpa’s funeral, we were taking a drive through the park to help comfort my Grandma. I saw the sign out of the corner of my eye and made everyone wait for me as I ran over to take a picture of it. Kind of spoiled a somber moment, but at least it lightened up the mood a bit. 🙂

  1. LOL!! Really?? I think this has to be one of the best signs I’ve seen yet. Anywhere. I wonder what the scientist who named this was thinking. Then again, never mind. 🙂

  2. Didymo? Rock snot? There is such a thing? That is great! Oh, Dana, you have such an eye for odd & unusual signs. Glad you’re finding time to post this summer. Hope you’re enjoying your harbor days.

    • It was too perfect a sign to pass up, Kathy. Rock snot! Who knew?

      I am *barely* finding time these days to post or read other people’s posts, but I’m still way ahead of where I was last summer at this point. (I think my inbox had 500+ post notifications in it by the end of July last year, and this year, I’m only behind 53. Go, me!)

    • Yuck, Christy! Maybe the whole point of naming the algae Rock Snot was to get people to pay attention. Had it been named anything else, I definitely wouldn’t have taken a photo of the sign, and none of my readers would have known about Rock Snot algae, either. We still don’t know how to stop the spread of it, but hey– baby steps, right? 😉

    • I agree, Cindy! Too bad we don’t know how to stop the spread of it yet. I would Google it, but I really don’t want to learn anything more about Rock Snot algae. The name is more than enough. 😛

  3. Oy…an unfortunate name indeed! I feel rather sorry for this algae as no one wants to be handed a name that makes one revolt just hearing it. :/
    Also, I’m totally curious as to how you help prevent the spread of it and whether it’s easy to accidentally spread it without knowing.

    • Like I say, Christina, part of me wants to know how to stop the spread of the algae, but the other part of me is grossed out enough just by hearing the name. Let me know if you end up Googling it. I’m just too lazy…

    • No pressure, though. I’m sure the world will keep spinning on its axis without knowing everything there is to know about Rock Snot Algae… or will it? 😉

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