Sunday Signage: Secret Sauce

Wow. I’ve been so lost and out of touch! Blogs and blogging just haven’t been high on the priority list lately, even though I’ve been secretly stalking a bunch of random websites. Whoops! 🙂

I’ll keeping things short and sweet this morning. It’s a work day. Harbour season has been ramping up. You know the drill, right? First up: a menu item we didn’t order:

sweat sauce

Next up: a wee post on my other site. I’ll be gearing things up again soon. Mostly over there. But I miss you guys here, too.

xo– Dana

17 responses

    • Thing is, I was at one of those Buddhist, vegan, faux meat places. It must have been *faux* sweat sauce then. Not real sweat sauce. Animal rights, etc., etc.

  1. We missed you, too… Though I did catch you over at Healthful Pursuit, in the comments section. 😉

    Y’all enjoy the Harbour Season – and now to click over to your new home! 😀

    • Thanks, Michelle! HP has been a real blessing for me– thanks again for pointing me in that direction. It’s always nice ‘seeing’ you over there, too. (Did you buy her cookbook? OMG, it’s totally amazing!)

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