Sunday Signage: Because I Am Four Years Old Edition

You know, even during all those months when I wasn’t blogging, I was still taking photos of random signs like I was going to blog about them. I knew I would eventually, and it turns out that “eventually” means about six or seven months. Ahem. Allow me to present the first sign:

Who's having fun NOW, Universe? HUH?!

Who’s having fun NOW, Universe? HUH?!

Marty and I saw this sign when we went to Chemainus, town of famous* murals here on Vancouver Island. (*I don’t know if the murals are Famous-famous, but the town’s ubiquitous marketing sure leads Vancouver Islanders to believe in the murals’ prominence on the world’s tourism stage).

Anyway. I didn’t even seeย one mentionย of this particular “mural” in any of the brochures. You would think that poop would be headline news, especially if it was closing out. (And on sale, at that!) Nope. No mention. No warnings. This sign totally caught us off guard on the way into town– it’s actually the first sign you see en route to the Famous-famous murals. (I’m sure town council would be thrilled to know this.)

It was only when we were leaving Chemainus that we realized it was the “Pro Shop” that was going out of business. (Insider tip: Check the back of signs you don’t understand. Chances are, the answer you seek is there.)


It’s kinda nice to pretend that the poop is closing out still. Pro shop going out of business? BORING!

Gotta love the sign bombers with the humor of a 4-year old, right? (And the people who insist that their husbands pull over on the side of the highway, stop the car, and idle for a few minutes while their wives take a photo of said potty humor sign. It needed to be done. FOR THE SAKE OF THE INNER CHILD IN ALL OF US!) Having fun with potty humor? Check! I’m feeling better already!

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    • True dat. I was going to say I’ve never had poop on me before, but then dozens of seagull poop stories came back to me. The memories had been blocked up until then, but now that I’m remembering them in full technicolor glory, I can attest that having poop on you is no laughing matter.

  1. You’re back!!! Man I’ve missed you.
    Finally hooked on sauerkraut. Taught a friend the other day using a orint out of your post.

    Take care honey, Nic xx

    • This post is perfect for them, Michelle. IT’S LIKE I KNEW!

      I showed the pic to our six year old niece as well, but made her read it out loud to get the full effect (she is still learning how to read). You should have seen the combination of confusion and delight on her face when she realized that a GROWN UP would have taken a picture of the word POOP… and then made her say it OUT LOUD! Complete awesomeness. ๐Ÿ™‚

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