We are Moving. Enough Said.

It hit me about a month ago:

“Wait a minute. I’m aiming for more ease in my life, but right now, all that I have on my plate is:

  • Incorporating our art business, and all the super fun paperwork that entails
  • Tax prep (more super fun paperwork!)
  • Completing a coaching program
  • Consoling Marty when he realizes how many custom paintings he still has to work through on tight deadlines

Obviously, I need to round my life out with something else. Something major. Something all-consuming.”

So we are moving. HA.

(It didn’t transpire exactly like that. But we are definitely moving and we are now neck-deep in cardboard boxes and Magic Erasers.)

Part of me feels elated to be heading somewhere new. Our new suite is spacious– nearly twice the size of our old apartment. It’s also a mere two blocks away from our favourite sandy beach and gets us out from underneath our club-footed, insomniac upstairs neighbours. Truth be told, though: I’m really nervous, too. I’m nervous about moving somewhere new but being plagued by the same old issues. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in hauling everything we own to a new place. And stumbling across gems like these doesn’t help, either:

For real? This box has been in a PAID STORAGE UNIT for at least five years. How embarrassing!

For real? This box has been in a PAID STORAGE UNIT for at least five years. How embarrassing! I don’t even want to know what “rarely used toiletries” are in there.

'Hmm... Well, Dana M., we'd love to hire you on the spot, but we'd feel more comfortable if we had PROOF of your familiarity with a fire extinguisher.'

‘Hmm… Well, Dana M., we’d love to hire you on the spot, but we’d feel more comfortable doing so if we had PROOF of your familiarity with a fire extinguisher. You wouldn’t believe how many people lie about being familiar with fire extinguishers on their applications…’

Yeah. Forgive me if I’m mysteriously absent from The Internet for the next few weeks. If you need me, I’ll be framing my Fire Extinguisher Familiarity certificate (W.T.H???!!!) and scrubbing floors. (Seriously. Who issues these certificates? And who KEEPS THEM IN A FOLDER FOR FIVE YEARS??)

33 responses

    • … but can it fit a WHOLE BOX of rarely used bathroom toiletries in it? πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the offer, Robin. We have a month overlap between the two places, though, so we’ve been secretly moving for over 2 weeks now! Our tiny old apartment is feeling pretty roomy these days. (But still loud and annoying.) I’ll keep you posted if we run into a moving snag.

    • Phew! It makes me feel way more normal to know that I’m not the only person hauling useless crap around for years. (Windows 98– yes!)

      In addition to excavating WTF gems left and right, I also came across some of my favourite books and just unearthed a beautiful photo of Marty, too. It’s not all terrible. (Right?)

  1. I just unpacked a framed certificate proving that, in 1985, I was a memberβ€”nay, an Active Memberβ€”of the Biological Photographic Association.

    What on earth is wrong with us?

    • Hahaha, I’m loving these examples of crazy-ass things we’ve held onto throughout our lives! Maybe you should hang up your framed certificate for a while, Cindy, and bask in the glory of your active membership in the Biological Photographic Association. (Although I assume it’s not-so-active anymore…) Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Oh, if ONLY you knew how close the label on that box is to some of the ones we moved ALL the way to Ecuador. I swear, I write the same kind of shit–rarely used toiletries! Good luck with the move. I’m SO glad you found such a great place!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks, Kathy! Yay for other people moving crazy shit long distances, too!

      I’m treating this move like a final “practice run” until we can afford buying our own home. I’m sure the Universe doesn’t want us hauling Rarely Used Toiletries into our dream home on the waterfront, so I’ll make sure that everything is pared down enough and make space for the Gorgeous, Bright, Serene, Spacious, Waterfront Home that Marty and I ordered from the Universal Catalogue a while ago. πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, gypsy promise! That’s exactly the feeling that surges deep inside right now, but the surface level feelings are more like OMG PANIC. Fingers crossed that everything goes well!

  3. Dana, I can understand that you might be absent for a while! My goodness…do know our thoughts and love will go with you as you navigate between scary and exhilarated feelings. Guess what I keep learning this winter? That *ease* is an inside job and the only way to get more of it (more me anyway) is to keep turning to the heart (I typed hurt, which is also quite true), breathe deeply, be in the body. When that happens the external craziness seems to fix itself. “What we long for is ourselves…our own loving attention…”

    • This is so true, Kathy. And actually, I took that Compulsions book you recommended out of the library and am taking serene chunks of time in between packing and unpacking to sip in divine wisdom from those pages. I just finished a chapter on Curiosity, so I am flexing my Curiosity muscles and trying to examine my box of Rarely Used Toiletries with curiosity vs judgment. (Secretly, I really *am* curious about what’s in there!)

      Thank you for the reminder to keep tuning in. I am also doing some energetic work (EFT tapping) during this move, so it’s helping to clear away the dusty old thought patterns and make space for fresh, new perspectives. xo!

    • Okay, 20 years takes the cake. I’m pretty sure I’ve disposed of my decades-old certificates by now… (please don’t let me come across some old jr high honor roll certificates now!)

  4. Oh YAY!!!! Good for you because, damn. Last time we met you were stressed about how draped it is at home for you two. I hope this brings way more ‘ease’ into your lives. Let me know when you’re settled, we have to get at least one more coffee date in before harbour season starts up!

  5. Dana!!!! It’s been too long. We are moving too! (actually not till june, but I am already stressed out about it). I eagerly await your accounts of your move and (of course) photos of the new place.

    • Way too long! I just followed the link to your tumblr and nearly fell over when I realized your baby is OVER ONE YEAR OLD NOW!! Yeesh. Where have I been?

      We have been in the new place now for 3 days and the stress of everything moving-related is making me super cranky. Hopefully within the next week or so, I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the new digs a little more. Until then, definitely no pics. (They would all be of me giving the finger to the boxes that still need to be unpacked anyway…) Where are you moving? Still in NY?

      • Yes, we will be moving somewhere else in NY. Maybe Brooklyn. I graduate in June and get to start a real job and make some money! This also means we can move out of the 1 bedroom we’re currently living in with the baby. He sleeps literally an arm’s length away. Baby loves it. Us – not so much. We’re always hush hush and whispering when we climb into bed so we don’t wake him. I miss being able to read before bed and chat with the hubby before we go to sleep. One day I will have time to knit again and catch up on my magazine subscriptions. And then I will knit the socks I’ve been meaning to make you!

        • Sounds fabulous! As someone who just moved from a tiny 1BR apartment into a 2BR upper half of a house, I can attest that more space feels so amazing. Good luck with the move! πŸ™‚

  6. I am slowly catching up on blog posts here and happy to see that you will be (hopefully) moving on to quieter pastures. Starting something new is always so unpredictable. Favourite sandy beach, eh? I’ll have to stalk your pictures of this new place and see if I can pinpoint where your new digs are. πŸ™‚

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