It’s Time to Change

Dearest One,

It’s time.

I am ready to fly.

angelI have been blogging on this particular website since 2008, and blogging in general since 2006. I have adored this little online home of mine and have loved the opportunity to get to know you as well. You totally rock!! It’s been a pleasure to share the kookiest of personal stories with you, and to laugh with you (not at you!) in the comments section, too.

I have cherished it all.

It’s time to move on, though, and– if it resonates– I would love to welcome you to my new site:

You can visit the new site manually by clicking the link above, or you can make yourself at home in my inner circle by signing up for my e-mail updates here (in which case, I’ll meet you in your inbox whenever there is something new to share!)

header 1260 x 240I’ve got the teapot on (or Marty can prep you a mean coffee). Whichever hot bevvie you prefer, you are always welcome to stop by the new site, and I totally can’t wait to show you around my new digs!

Just so you know, I’ll be updating the new site weekly-ish, and I’ll be diving deeply into the topics that have been tugging at my soul for quite some time now: Weight. Money. Intuition. Boundaries. Everything Sacred. (You know, just your regular dinner table conversations, right? Ahem.)

This (old) site will stay online, but I have no plans to update it past this post. So if this is where we part ways… that’s cool. Thank you for everything– for being here– and bless you infinitely for being a part of this journey with me up until this point. I appreciate it so much!


If you’re not ready to say goodbye just yet (and really– I don’t blame you),

Let’s do this.

Together. I’ll see you at the new site!

Either way, I’m beaming you love and sunshine. Here’s to (more) awkward moments, being a chatterbox, and taking leaps of faith!

xo, Dana

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