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  1. Hi Dana,

    What a great idea – to embrace the principals of The Beauty Detox and share your progress with readers! I am also starting this lifestyle as soon as my enzyme salad is complete. It’s in my pantry now and should be ready to eat on Monday, April 25th. I have started some of the elements already, buy Monday marks a new beginning for me. I am determined and very motivated. I invited a friend at work to join me. A couple of weeks ago, she and I went to a cosmetic Open House where ladies lined up for botox injections and fillers. I wanted one, but having never had one done before I want to do my research first. I’ve decided that instead of spending the money to have the tiny lines on the sides of my mouth “fixed” with a needle, I would give The Beauty Detox a try for 100 days. I’ll set aside $5 per day, and at the end of the 100 days, I’ll have $500 to spend on the filler I need IF I still need it! I am a firm believer that this lifestyle will allow for the natural “facelift” and I’ll just have $500 to spend on something else!

    Best of luck to you in your Beauty Detox endeavor!

    Tracey Gibson

    • Hi Tracey!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, and sorry it has taken me so long to reply to you. I hope that your own Beauty Detox Journey is treating you well so far and that you are on your way to finding true beauty without the Botox fillers! 🙂 My journey has been a little sidelined because of some seasonal work coming up, but for the most part I am on the basic track and really enjoying the plan!

      I hope you can come back to see my progress as I continue on the Beauty Detox Journey, and I’d like to hear about your own experiences, too! Sometimes the most important part of trying new things like this is to have a supportive community behind you, so let’s be each other’s support teams! 🙂

      All the best, Dana

  2. Thanks for your story about making fermented cabbage. I too tried my first batch this week. I had pretty much the same experience as you with juice exploding all over me just as I had taken a shower and gotten ready to go out. I opened the second jar a little more gingerly and took out the top leaves as instructed and put in the refrigerator. I’m been a little afraid to try it because I wasn’t sure this was normal. I decided to go on line to see if anyone had this experience. I was glad to read your story and think that I will brave it and try some tomorrow. Thanks again, Mary Lou

  3. Hi!

    I absolutely love your blog and how you inspire to motivate and love oneself 🙂 I’ve recently read your blog post on rosacea.. I’m only 19 and have rosacea – atleast I THINK that’s what it is.. never been confirmed by a GP/derm however I have all the usual symptoms and my cheek are very rosy and blotchy. I find my cheeks so especially red and blotchy when I’m anxious and nervous and they tend to look better in appearance when I haven’t eaten much and feel slightly light headed from low blood sugar I assume – I guess this is because the blood flow has slowed with my heart rate etc? Anyway, I’m about to embark on a 14 day water fast in hope of relieving my symptoms. Just wondering if you found you had any food intolerances or have figured out anything that has significantly helped? I’ve read that turmeric is good so I’ve been putting it in my tea everyday however haven’t noticed much difference 😦 My rosacea gets me very low sometimes as I can’t help but think ‘wow i really would love myself if I didn’t have this problem.. which most people don’t have.. so why me!?’. however I’m determined not to let it beat me!!!

    Thanks! 🙂

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