On Intuition, Part 2

In my last post, I stated that one of the most powerful ways to block access to inner guidance is by adhering to a too-rigid idea of what ‘counts’ as intuition. Obviously, I learned this the hard way. Another surefire way to turn our backs on intuition is by resisting the messages we do receive… or by fearing those that we might receive. As Lauren Aletta of Inner Hue states: 

“When we deny our intuitive insight and guidance we are weakening our entire being. We are also actively distrusting ourselves. This begins to create “walls” between ourselves and our higher guidance, blocking further supportive information and insight.”  —Lauren Aletta, Soul School Monthly (February 2015– p. 5), my emphasis added

Um… I have also learned this the hard way.

My cosmic radio dial of attunement!

My cosmic radio dial of attunement!

Etched on my soul somewhere is a figurative radio dial. Let’s pretend that I can turn this dial and consciously tune into whichever energetic station I choose. Let’s also imagine that The Intuition Station is at the far end of the frequencies, meaning I have to turn my dial through a whole lot of other stations before I can reach my preferred, clear and clairvoyant channel.

For many reasons and countless years, in spite of my best intentions, I couldn’t bring myself to turn that dial all the way. Instead, I stayed stuck on the Static, Confusion, and Resistance channels, publicly bemoaning how horrible it was (the noise!), but secretly fearing what might be in store for me if I ever mustered enough courage to tune in fully to my Intuition.

Like many people, I was decidedly scared of what my Intuition might say to me or ‘tell me to do’.

What if it made me shirk all of my worldly possessions (not to mention my beloved husband) and live a life of chastity and monastic poverty? That would be terrible! What if I needed to become a university professor and, for inexplicable reasons, conduct research experiments involving fruit flies and standard deviations? Oh, the horrors! What if my Intuition told me (gulp) to move back to Calgary, Alberta? Ack– I couldn’t handle that! And so– all joking aside– fear kept my radio dial firmly in place, blocking me from receiving my intuitive guidance for decades…

I finally resolved to face my Intuition with bravery– ‘finally’ as in ‘just this January’– choosing to trust that it operates only for my benefit and highest good, nuns and fruit flies notwithstanding. It helped that I had already selected Trust as my word of the year, because I started to ask myself with curiosity, How can I attune myself to the frequency of ‘Trust’? How can I align my actions and my very cells with ‘Trusting’? Part of what came to me through this exploration was the idea of inviting my intuition back in and taking small, resonant actions on the inner guidance I received.

IMG_0318I certainly didn’t want to perpetuate a state of active distrust within myself or to continue rejecting my intuition with force, so I took a deep breath, found some stillness within my heart, and told my Intuition:

I’m ready.

After years of putting up a shield in misguided defense against my intuition, clairvoyant insights didn’t suddenly flood in to my consciousness with a Whooosh! (I might need a little warming up, too, if I was your friend Intuition and I hadn’t been confided in, consulted, or actually listened to for years.) Hazy sensations started to come through relatively quickly, though, and I resolved to heed them as best I could.

One of the biggest nudges I received was to start writing on my blog again. (Also: Consistently.) I was coaxed to ‘pick a topic’ and– after some melodramatic, full-body resistance on my part– I settled on the one theme that actually frightened me the most: conscious weight loss. (Honestly, venturing to write about weight at all represented a gigantic leap of faith on my part, let alone positioning myself as someone who had anything of value to offer in that regard. But I did it, and through the complimentary coaching sessions I’ve led so far, I’ve realized that ‘hey! I can actually be supportive and helpful to women on this path. Who knew?’)

Intuition isn’t static energy, though.

One of the steepest learning curves I’ve encountered on this budding intuitive journey of mine is the need to stay open and flexible to course corrections along the way.

I’m not going to lie: this has not been easy for me. Academically Trained Me is accustomed to setting goals, making plans, and then sticking to the program, come hell or high water. Changing course, to Academic Me, has a bitter flavor to it– a subtle undercurrent of ‘failure’ or ‘being incorrect’, both of which conditions Academic Me fears and abhors.

The true challenge on this path to intuition has been trusting: fiercely, earnestly, and continually. (Go figure, right? I must have intuitively selected Trust as my word of the year after all…) Many of the intuitive nudges I receive either don’t seem to make (logical) sense or they actively fly in the face of conventional wisdom… or both. But I am staying open and being flexible in my approach. (Trying to, at least!)

header 1260 x 240On a practical level, here are three ways that I have chosen to re-align myself and my budding business, based on the inner guidance I have received:

1. I am expanding my area of focus beyond conscious weight loss in coaching sessions. It didn’t take long (at all) to realize that my soul was feeling boxed in by this singular topic of expertise, so I am now offering coaching on big dreams and gigantic goals in general. (Weight loss is still included in this broader category, just so you know. And yeah. Even though every single business class and book in the world tells you to zero in on a very specific niche, and even though my mind is slightly horrified at the idea of ‘not doing what the teachers recommend’, my spirit needs to fly higher and freer than that. I’d love for you to join me, if this feels like a fit.)

2. As somebody who thrives on communication and soulful connections with others, I can’t believe I am actually saying this next thing: I have decided to close comments on all new posts and pages, at least for the time being. (!!) During meditation, I kept receiving an image of an electrical circuit (a la junior high science class)– but it was one that was leaking energy in a big way. If you showed me an actual electrical circuit diagram today– even a painfully simple one– I doubt I could correctly interpret it, but the message of the image I saw in my mind was clear: I need to close this circuit in order for the energetic current to flow optimally between us. By closing comments on my posts, there will be no pressure or leaks on either end. As a reader, you won’t have to ‘prove’ that you’ve stopped by or feel compelled to validate my words with a comment or a ‘Like’. Ahhhhh….. Feels good, right? As a writer as well, I can express myself more freely and openly, not panning to the comment count or some equally ridiculous measure of ‘success’. Ahhhhhh….. Feels better already. So… yes. Comments are now closed until my intuition lets me know otherwise. 🙂

3. I’m going to start charging for my services! A novel concept, yes? I will still honor complimentary coaching sessions until the end of March for people who’d like to test the waters without necessarily taking the plunge of financial investment. Starting in April, however, I’ll be sticking a big ol’ price tag on my coaching, EFT sessions, and oracle card readings, as a way of honoring myself and the value I’m providing.

Whew! See what happens when you let intuition back in? To summarize, this is what ‘being intuitive’ looks like for me:

  • having the courage to open my intuitive channels, even if I am apprehensive about the guidance I might receive
  • trusting! (myself, the universe, the process, everything.)
  • committing to honoring the messages I receive from my inner guidance, even those (and perhaps especially those) that don’t seem to make ‘sense’ on a logical level
  • taking small, aligned actions in the direction of my guidance
  • being willing to course-correct as needed

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! Although comments on new posts are now closed, if you feel compelled to reach out, you can still do so via e-mail, Instagram, or Facebook. Much love to you! xx