Sunday Signage: “Luxury” is a Relative Term

Spotted outside the sales center for a new and “exclusive” condo complex in Victoria:

Artful vandalism and exclusive smashing in of windows costs extra…

Sunday Signage: Hiking for Lazies

Picture the scene: Marty and I were out hiking this winter. It had been a while since we got out on any nature trail, so as we ascended a steep(ish) hill, our lack of fitness caught up to us quickly. Imagine our relief to discover this sign just before the final ascent to the summit:

Alas. We should have known it wasn’t a real escalator… it was just a 60 degree incline trek to the summit. False advertising, Cowichan Valley Regional District! FALSE ADVERTISING!

Sunday Signage: Public Library FAIL

(Warning: This post contains a bad word! Do not read ahead without your mommy or daddy’s permission.)

Seen on the Public Library website:

Excuse the 1990s pixel-effects of this photo.

Oh boy. The actual book cover cleverly covers up the discriminating letters with a picture of a full moon. I believe the official title of the book is even “Go the F**k to Sleep”. Alas, the Public Library had to go and spell it out for all of us who couldn’t see past those asterisks. Way to be literal, public library– We probably couldn’t have figured it out without you. 😉

I’ve been totally swamped by work lately, so apologies for being MIA from your comments section. I’ll be back to regular reading, posting, and commenting by mid-September! (Hopefully!) In the meantime, I hope your summer months are going swimmingly.

Sunday Signage: Your Name is WHAT?

This week’s edition of Sunday Signage comes courtesy of a rather unfortunately-named algae:

I expected “Rock Snot” to be a more popular name for babies, but I couldn’t seem to find it in even ONE baby name book! What gives?

Sign found in Bowness Park– Calgary, Alberta.