Copyright Notice

Listen up! Do you know what this– “©”– means?

It means that stealing is wrong! Don’t be a thief!

This site is intended for personal use only. All images and text are copyright Dana Machacek, 2006-2012 and are subject to copyright laws. All rights are reserved. Please contact me for permission before using any photos or text, even if you are just planning to reblog. More often than not, I am happy to give you permission to publicize my posts or images, but I’d appreciate you asking before you use anything of mine. Thank you!

Content on this site and on is not to be sold, redistributed, reproduced by any means, or placed into any collections or compilations without written permission from the creator (i.e. me). It is against the law to publish images or text from this website onto other websites, mailing lists, or into any print media or electronic media (CDs/DVDs) without permission and/or full credit given to Dana Machacek/zona pellucida. However, sharing the link to this website is both permitted and encouraged! Thank you for supporting independent writers and for respecting creative copyrights.

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